Work, Work, Work...

I've neglected my writings about my daughter and our lives. I've been a little busy...

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A full-time job, a full-time mommy and what's becoming a part-time job on the side keeps me moving and shaking (and tired), but I like busy. And while I struggle daily to find that balance to keep everything flowing as it should and have none neglected - first and foremost my family - the one thing that has been knocked to the bottom of that priority list is this blog. I would like to write more, but oh, I have work to do...


So What Do You Do with Your Shredded Paper?

Georgia and I? We throw our shredded paper on the floor, roll around in it, throw it in the air and run circles in it... that's what we do with it.

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There are moments in life when I get to see pure bliss on my daughter's face, and oh how I love those moments. Today was one of those moments, all thanks to some paper meant for the trash.

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Who would've thought a little bit of paper thrown on the floor could bring so much laughter.


A Happy 4th and First Fireworks


We started our celebration of America's birthday with a parade in the small community we live in right now.

Americana at its best!

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Then why not a few hot dogs and a picnic by the lake? We're going for the full gut-busting, Norman Rockwellesque American day here.

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Of course, these days that American day would include work, and that's exactly where I got to go in the afternoon. Yeah me! That means I missed out on a first in Georgia's life - a thought which still has me pretty pissed off and hating my job right now. I missed her first fireworks show. Her daddy tells me she had a great time, although she did need her headphones on to accomplish that, and that she kept saying, "that's neat," when the fireworks exploded above the river. I wish I had seen it.

But I did get the next best thing, I guess. Before the hubby and daughter left for the show, I got to come home on my dinner break and set off a few little sparks of our own.

07.04.12 080 07.04.12 071 07.04.12 077 07.04.12 086

I'll take it, but I hope next year I get a bigger bang out of the 4th. I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day.


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