Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

The Trampoline.

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It causes crazy static.
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And the "First Family to Visit" Prize Goes to...

OK, I kid, there is no prize, but it was so nice to finally entertain family in our new home. On St. Patrick's Day weekend, my hubby's father, his wife and her grandson drove from Texas to North Carolina to pay us a visit. It was nice to see them.

We spent time at the beach and flew a kite.

After the sand came the fair! It was a St. Patrick's Day Festival, and Georgia loved all the kiddie rides.
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Such a great time and a great visit!


Spring is Close, I Can Feel It!

We're are at that time of the year when winter and spring seemed intertwined - mix in a few days of a chilly breeze, toss in a few days of sunshine, add in a few days of cloudy cool skies and follow it up with some flower buds and greening grass. Spring is almost here and lately, we've had some spring-like days in this ending winter season.

Warm sunny weather tends to do this to little three-year-old girls:

03.08.13-62 03.08.13-73 03.08.13-75 03.08.13-76

Side effects: finding the nearest hill and rolling down it over and over and over again.

03.08.13-6 03.08.13-15 03.08.13-43 03.08.13-48

Ah spring, how sweet art thou?


Getting to Know the Place Where We Live

It seems such a common thing to do. We live in an area with these unique and beautiful and original places all around us - places other people travel to our area just to see - yet we never give them a thought or a moment or a visit. A little more than a year and a half ago, we moved to an amazing area of our country - there is so much history and natural beauty here - and it is my goal to actually travel in our backyard and not overlook the highlights all around us.

This weekend, we visited the small waterfront town of Swansboro - "the friendly city by the sea." It has been here quite awhile, founded in 1783.

We had a delightful lunch at a place on the water, where my husband thought it would be cute to take a picture of me taking a picture of Georgia while we waited for our food.

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Then after a walk through town, stops at a few gifts shops and an ice cream at a store that also sold coffee, beer and wine (my kind of place), we then drove to a nearby hiking trail in the Croatan National Forest.
See what I mean about natural beauty? It was just breathtaking, and even during winter, it was full of life. Oysters, clams, all kinds of birds, snails, crabs - so many critters to watch and explore.
03.09.13-43 03.09.13-37 03.09.13-47 03.09.13-8
It was a picturesque and active ending to a very lovely afternoon.
03.09.13-30 03.09.13-26 03.09.13-53 03.09.13-58 03.09.13-65
Quite amazing - I just can't wait to go back in the spring when everything is green and going - except for the mosquitoes!


"Feed the Birds... "

It's still my favorite song from "Mary Poppins"...

"Feed the birds, tuppence a bag, tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag, that's what she cries, While overhead, her birds fill the skies, All around the cathedral the saints and apostles, Look down as she sells her wares, Although you can't see it, You know they are smiling, Each time someone shows that he cares, Though her words are simple and few, Listen, listen, she's calling to you, Feed the birds, tuppence a bag, Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag."

Today, Georgia and I started feeding the birds.

02.22.13-2 02.22.13-12 02.22.13-9
Maybe it's this itch we already have for Spring, maybe it's our love of the outdoors, maybe it's that songbirds kept stopping by our empty hummingbird feeder in hopes of finding seeds - whatever the reason, I recently felt a strong need to hang a birdfeeder.

And why not? Look at how beautiful the view is now out our back window.

02.22.13-13 02.22.13-20


Her Own Space.

I don't think a day goes by where Georgia doesn't come to me at least once (OK, really 100 times) and ask, "will you come play in my playroom?" It's her little oasis, her piece of paradise, her toy world, her land of imagination and, well, it's HERS. I love that she loves her playroom - it's why I've worked so hard to make it her place.

Today, Play-Doh was on tap - a frequent favorite.

02.20.13-26 02.20.13-8

The focus... the concentration...

02.20.13-12 02.20.13-11 02.20.13-14

Learning to cut with scissors is a big thing these days too.


And doesn't Cinderella just look stylish now?



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