November 18, 2010


November 17, 2010


November 16, 2010 - Not-So-Fabulous Fits

With age comes independence. With independence, obviously comes the ability to throw really, REALLY big tantrums.

Georgia and I have been on a roll lately. As she starts to notice the signs that we'll be leaving the house soon - daycare for her and work for me - she screams and cries and rolls around on the ground and throws an all out fit. It's a sight to behold, let me tell you. How do kids learn this stuff?

11.16.10 003

I guess between the screams and kicks and cries and scratches, I can at least tell myself she does this because she doesn't want me to go to work. It might have to become my new chant.

11.16.10 005


November 15, 2010 - Not Many of These Left

Today was warm enough to take Georgia to the playground. It's November 15th... in Nebraska. This warm of a day is unheard of! There was still snow under the slides from the few inches that fell the other day, yet today we barely needed a jacket.

Notice I said "barely." Georgia still had to be bundled up.

11.15.10 008

Warm, maybe, but she still got to wear her new boots.

11.15.10 010

11.15.10 025

11.15.10 030


November 14, 2010 - You're Sticking That Thing Where?

Georgia spiked a fever today - 103.1!!! That's the highest temperature I've ever taken from her. Scared me enough to call the on-call nurse who told me not to worry unless it reaches 105. 105?!?! Are you serious?

She also told us to keep monitoring Georgia's temperature.

So here's my picture of the day. 'Nuf said.

11.14.10 005


November 13, 2010 - Georgia's Not the Only Lucky 13

Before we get to that number 13, today was our first snow of the season (yipee), and the first time Georgia has really "seen" snow. Sure, she saw it last year, but she was three and four months old. Now she can actually take notice of it.

Even if it was just a few inches this first time around.

11.13.10 006

11.13.10 011

So the 13. Not only is Georgia's birthday on the 13th, but so is mine. Today I added another year to my age, but what a year it's been!

And my husband and daughter served me breakfast in bed then had this beautiful cake for me before I had to go off to work.

11.13.10 015

And have I mentioned Georgia likes chocolate?

11.13.10 026

11.13.10 031

11.13.10 035

11.13.10 032

I think she was tickled she cleaned the plate... or maybe that she was allowed to eat off a plate instead of her high chair tray.

11.13.10 055

Oh but Georgia, just because the cake was on the plate, doesn't mean the plate will taste like chocolate too!

11.13.10 061


November 12, 2010 - The Presents Are Here!!

Almost one month to the day after Georgia's first birthday, her birthday presents have finally arrived. It's like a birthday all over again. Since her birthday was back home in Georgia, and we live in Nebraska, we were only able to bring a few presents home with us on the plane. The rest had to be shipped here.

After the boxes were opened, Georgia went straight to one of her favorite gifts... her rocking chair from her Papa (my dad).

11.12.10 001

11.12.10 010

But we need to work on her use of the rocking chair...

11.12.10 015

11.12.10 024
Now she's got it... sit don't stand. She won't remember it for long though.


November 11, 2010 - Real Kid Food

OK, so Georgia has been eating plenty of "kid" foods for months now, but today she had two that just scream "kid" to me. It's just so sweet to see, my little girl is... a little girl!

There was cherry jello:

11.11.10 004

And baby Goldfish:

11.11.10 005

And mommy liked sharing in these nostalgic foods right along with Georgia. Mmmm, jiggly jello!


November 10, 2010 - Pretty in Pink... But We Don't Want This!

We can now add another medication to the growing list Georgia has had to take since birth. It's the smallest amount of medicine so far and the most expensive. For about 20+ drops... $60!!

Georgia has pink eye. Where she got it, we have no clue. We can only assume daycare. Poor little dear... just look at her beautiful eyes.

11.10.10 011


November 9, 2010 - It's Growing, It's Really, Really Growing!

I thought she'd be bald forever, like someone I know. ::points finger at self::

But folks, Georgia's hair is growing!!! Cue the doves and fireworks and champagne.

Just look:

11.09.10 016

11.09.10 024

11.09.10 010


November 8, 2010 - Who Says the Dishwasher's Trash?

Soooo... I heard this noise the other day. I couldn't figure out what in the heck it was. The sound led me downstairs and low and behold, water was dripping from the ceiling. Joy.

It took a while and then finally a call to the plumber to figure out our dishwasher upstairs was leaking whenever it ran. Joy.

The plumber said since the dishwasher was 10 years old, it was probably better to replace it than try to have an appliance person fix it, if they could even find the parts to begin with. Joy.

Today, our new dishwasher was delivered. They took our old piece of *&@! with them, but left the bottom rack because someone had forgotten it was full of dirty dishes. Joy.

Well, Georgia found joy in that bottom rack. Once I unloaded, she decided it was her new walker.

11.08.10 010

11.08.10 006

Then she decided she was a dish and belonged in the dishwasher rack.

11.08.10 026

The rack, however, did not agree.

11.08.10 030


November 7, 2010 - Pudding, Call Her Pudding.

Georgia was not having a good day today... All day long. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it's those one year molars, damn them. She wouldn't eat, she wouldn't smile, she wouldn't stop fussing. It's been one of those days.

I could only get her to eat one thing.


pudding collage

Today, she can have as much pudding as she can eat.


November 6, 2010 - Loving the Music

Daddy loves to play music for Georgia... and Georgia loves to listen.

11.06.10 009

They are so precious. I fall in love with them every time.

11.06.10 002


November 5, 2010 - Will Work for Cheerios

While my back was turned, guess who snatched the box of Cheerios?

Here's your hint, it's now an empty box of Cheerios.

11.05.10 012

11.05.10 004

11.05.10 012

This amount of Cheerios, spread across my kitchen floor, could only mean one thing. We had to call in the vacuum cleaners. The walking, barking vacuum cleaners.

11.05.10 031

Mmmmm... will work for Cheerios!

11.05.10 033


November 4, 2010 - My Baby's a Genius!!!

She was sooooo proud to show off her new talent today. She did it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (OK you get the point) again.

11.04.10 012

My little lovely can put the circle shape into the circle hole!

11.04.10 008

We're still working on her patience though. When she can't fit the circle in right away, she screams at it. But she doesn't give up and eventually gets it... over and over and over again. :)

If you look closely, you can tell she's smiling here. She's so proud of herself, and so am I.

11.04.10 005


November 3, 2010 - The Stash

I just realized, I never showed off the stash! It's quite impressive for a first timer, especially after only a 1/2 hour.

Check out Georgia's Halloween candy stash:

11.03.10 005

That's the good.

The bad?

You're looking at two or three extra pounds for mommy's waistline.


November 2, 2010 - The Five Hour Fish

RIP Finkleton.

I don't know what happened. One moment Finkleton was swimming happily in his new home, eating his new fish food. The next moment... OK, five hours later... he was belly up and taking a trip to that big tank in the sky. A trip which, as we all know, requires a trip down the toilet first.

Five hours, are you serious? So much for Georgia's first pet fish. Maybe we'll just pretend this one didn't happen.

Bye-bye Finkleton.

11.02.10 003


November 1, 2010 - Time for a Pet!

On a visit to Wal-Mart the other day, Georgia took great interest in the fish inside the fish tanks. She laughed and smiled and pointed. So I decided it was time for Georgia's first pet fish.

So today we headed to the pet store. We already had a small tank, so all we needed was a fish. We looked through the tanks and found the right little guy.

Meet Finkleton!!!! (Um yeah, my husband picked the name)

11.01.10 008

11.01.10 023


October 31, 2010 - Our Flower Among Goblins

It's Halloween!!! Although it's not Georgia's first Halloween, it is the first she'll actually participate in. Last year she was only a couple of weeks old... and a pumpkin.

This year though, our little lovely is blooming.

10.31.10 009

At my husband's request, he and I dressed up for Halloween as well. I didn't want it to be random, so we complemented Georgia. He was a gardener and I was a bee.

10.31.10 015-2

This is the three of us at our first candy stop:

10.31.10 039

Oh but we didn't stop with just one house. There was more candy to be had in this neighborhood!

10.31.10 051

10.31.10 059

Georgia went right for a "100 Grand" candy bar, and by the time we stopped at the next house, she had bitten through the wrapper.

A few more houses down, she picked up another candy bar for her empty hand. So she was double-fisting the candy bars. As we stopped at yet another house, my little lovely showed her true colors. Without an empty hand to grab yet another piece of candy, she stuck the "100 Grand" between her teeth and went for a third candy bar.

Oh Georgia!

This is what she looked like by the time we got home.

10.31.10 065

Chocolaty and happy - but those two words just go together, don't they? Trick-or-treat!!!


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