October 16, 2010 - "Happy Birthday" Made Her Cry

After months of planning, ordering, organizing, addressing invitations, cutting out butterflies and just generally stressing that everything would work out - today has arrived. It's time for Georgia's birthday party. Yeah!

decorations collage

It wouldn't be an event though for any woman in my family without us running late, so yes, we were running late. The party was at my sister's house and we arrived an hour and a half later than I had wanted to. So that had me making sandwiches and arranging the food as the guests arrived.

food collage

Food that adorable little Roscoe was all too happy to beg for...

1st bday party (10.16.10) 007

And Georgia's beautiful birthday cakes made an appearance too!

The main one for all of us...

cake collage

... and Georgia's personal "smash" cake.

1st bday party (10.16.10) 067

The presents started piling up too!

1st bday party (10.16.10) 025

Friends and family filled the house making for a warm, loving and happy party.

My wonderful sister who let us use her house...

1st bday party (10.16.10) 003

My cousin who drove up from Florida (here with my niece)...

1st bday party (10.16.10) 012

And Georgia's wonderful grandmother who drove over from Alabama...

1st bday party (10.16.10) 178

Even nieces who couldn't resist Georgia hugs...

1st bday party (10.16.10) 120

We opened presents.

presents collage

1st bday party (10.16.10) 252

Then sang "Happy Birthday." Yes, that song made Georgia cry. Not quite the reaction I was going for with it.

1st bday party (10.16.10) 069

And we discovered Georgia is too polite for a cake smash. It just doesn't seem to be her thing.

1st bday party (10.16.10) 071

As the afternoon wound down, I believe this will go down as a successful first birthday party. The guests were fed, the cake eaten and the presents opened.

And my little girl was full of smiles most of the afternoon, as long as you don't sing "Happy Birthday."

1st bday party (10.16.10) 149

10.16.10 024

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