October 25, 2010 - A Knife, A Squash & Some Squish

The pumpkin we picked up yesterday didn't remain whole for long. A pumpkin is just too tempting this close to Halloween. Georgia thought so too.

10.25.10 003

10.25.10 006

So the pumpkin got it... gutted!

10.25.10 013

Our dainty ::sigh:: Georgia hesitated to dig in at first, the pumpkin slime perhaps a bit too much.

10.25.10 027

Or maybe it was the carnage of pumpkin guts on the floor.

10.25.10 069

She was hesitant until she squished some pumpkin between her pudgy fingers and realized that was fun!

10.25.10 063

10.25.10 050

Our new (gutless) friend.

10.25.10 084

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