April 24, 2012 - Sharing the Potty Love

I guess Georgia thinks since she has the potty training thing down pat, it's time to pass her extensive toilet knowledge onto others... or otters.

04.24.12 008
And don't forget to wipe, otter!
04.24.12 011


April 23, 2012 - "Yan-u-r, Marsh, No-fem-ber... "

My hubby LOVES teaching our little one, and she loves learning with him and I love watching the two of them together. Right now, they're working on the months of the year. Being the IT-literate guy my hubby is, they're making a computer program for it. Normally, my husband voices these, but today it was Georgia's turn.

04.23.12 003
How adorable does she look in these headphones? No, really, sooooo ADORABLE!!
04.23.12 010
And her voicing went something like this: "Yan-u-r... Eb-berry... Marsh... A-bill... May... June... Jul-lee... August... Ep-em-ber... Octobeer... No-fem-ber... Day-em-bear."
04.23.12 007


April 22, 2012 - Rainy Days Make for Puddly Puddles!

I can't believe we haven't hit this first yet, but Georgia finally spent some time getting wet and giggly in some puddles.

04.22.12 001
Of course, she went for the dirty puddles, the dirtier - the better. What's with that? But no matter, there's just pure fun and innocence in mud puddles full of ripples and splashes and a little girl's feet.
04.22.12 007
Is it wrong to want more rain tomorrow?


April 21, 2012 - Judging the Festival of Fish

Thanks to my job, I am required to make public appearances from time to time - today, it was at a festival for fish. Shad, in particular. I got the great honor to help judge the entries in the Shad Festival Parade. But lucky for me, I got to have two beautiful people accompany me.

Shad Fest
I've never tried Shad before, but it wasn't too bad... or maybe it was all the fried coating on it that tasted so yummy.
And there was a fair there with rides, so we couldn't pass up the merry-go-round!
IMAG0470 IMAG0478 IMAG0477
All in all, not a bad day of free work. :)


April 16, 2012 - Eyes Eaten First, Then the Ears!

We finally broke into that chocolate bunny the Easter bunny brought to us!

04.16.12 015 04.16.12 006
The eyes and nose went first...
04.16.12 005 04.16.12 010
The Easter chocolate just doesn't seem to disappear in this house.


April 15, 2012 - There is a Barbie in Our Home!

Georgia's Papa sent her some spending money for Easter, so we decided to make the drive to Toys 'R Us to let Georgia roam the aisles and aisles of kiddie wonderment. This was the first time I think we've just said "go for it, show us what toys you want" to the little one. So we spent quite a while going up and down aisle after aisle. The first thing that caught her attention was the cars for kids to drive, especially the Jeep one. Georgia has a thing for Jeeps lately. And while I'm sure she'd have a blast cruising the streets of our development filled with senior citizens - boy, would they get a kick out of her - I don't think this was quite in our Easter budget:

But it did make my list for ideas the next time a big gift is up to bat. So on our search continued. There were several maybes, that is until we found another Jeep, this one bright pink with ::gulp:: Barbie and Ken dolls inside of it.

04.15.12 015

My daughter owns a Barbie... ugh. It really makes me feel like she's growing up.  It also makes me realize fighting the feminine stereotype has truly begun in our home.  Maybe we need to spend the rest of that Easter money on a kiddie tool kit.

Regardless, she loves her new jeep and has played with it non-stop.

04.15.12 001
04.15.12 005
OK, well maybe I don't have to worry about Barbie so much... Georgia has already left her in the dust.

04.15.12 024


April 13, 2012 - Never Too Old to Watch Garbage

Georgia has kind of re-discovered the garbage truck lately. All the sudden, when she hears it on Friday mornings, she gets excited and climbs on the back of the couch to peek out the window. Since that is really not allowed in our house, today, I opened the front door for her.

04.13.12 006 04.13.12 008 04.13.12 009
The little joys of childhood - even if it is garbage.


April 10, 2012 - First Big Owie

I guess we have been lucky so far. For two and a half years, there has been very little blood in our house. Georgia, up until yesterday, has avoided anything more than a scraped knee or a bit tongue. Then enter last night. Ben and I both watched it happen, and it still replays on slow-motion in my mind. Georgia was running through the house, chasing our dog Bailey, when he turned and she didn't. Bam! Right into the side of the table. Her little head bounced right off of it, and the hubby and I bounced right into action. There was no doubt that one hurt. Screams echoed through the house as our little one cried out her pain. The end result? A busted lip and something caused a circular gash between her bottom lip and her chin.

04.10.12 012 04.10.12 012-3
All of it added up to more blood than our little one has seen yet, and more than this mommy ever wants to see again. Overall, was it that bad - no. No butterflies or stitches were needed and for that, I am grateful. Is it the worst we'll see? More than likely not, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But it was the first time this mommy really felt my little one's pain and really wished I could just kiss away the hurt.


April 8, 2012 - Peter Cottontail Delivered!

My, my, my did Georgia have some surprises awaiting her when she woke up on Easter morn. It all started with an egg and a clue sitting where Georgia's Easter basket and carrots for a bunny were placed the night before.

04.08.12 004
And the clues led us on...
04.08.12 002 04.08.12 005 04.08.12 006 04.08.12 008 04.08.12 012
And then - basket!!
04.08.12 015 04.08.12 016 04.08.12 020 04.08.12 021 04.08.12 026
Our new "walking" kitty quickly got some Easter decoration:
04.08.12 038
And Georgia's new Dora Easter DVD was a big hit:
04.08.12 043
Boy, that Easter bunny sure is smart! Hope everyone had a wonderful day.


April 7, 2012 - Eggs, Fun, More Eggs and Smiles

We are all about gearing up for Easter in our house, despite the fact that I am still without my voice four days running now. Thank you, Laryngitis! We kicked off the morning with an Easter egg hunt in our little community - Georgia's first hunt outside our home!!!

04.07.12 004 04.07.12 009
Something tells me, um, it's not going to be hard for the four and under age group to find the eggs.
04.07.12 002
She's so excited and anxious - she's eating her hand!
04.07.12 014
And they're off.
04.07.12 019
After a little confusion and timidness, some instruction from mommy finally gets Georgia grabbing the eggs. I'll admit, she was going a little slower than this uber-competitive mommy would like, but hey, it's her first time. Go, Georgia, go!
04.07.12 022
She did great, and now it's time to go through the stash of eggs... and candy.
04.07.12 027 04.07.12 038
My little Easter ham:
Before we headed home, my little one couldn't resist the swings, and this time neither could her daddy. I love them so!
04.07.12 077 04.07.12 087 04.07.12 097
After nap time, Georgia and I used our culinary prowess to whip up some cupcakes. That girl is a whiz in the kitchen, let me tell you, there is no one who can eat cupcake batter like she can! I don't know what I would do without my spoon licker.
04.07.12 114 04.07.12 117
And then, just before bedtime, we made sure to put out Georgia's empty Easter basket and some carrots for the bunny.
04.07.12 108
Here's comes Peter Cottontail!


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