April 4, 2012 - Return of the Turtles!

In the community where we currently live, there is a nice little area with a playground, a dog run, a little garden and a pond. We learned when we moved here last year that that pond is teeming with turtles - turtles who LOVE stale bread. We got into the habit of taking them some bread once or twice a week, but then when the cooler weather of Winter moved in - the turtles moved out.

But guess who's back?

04.04.12 016

I guess going to feed the turtles right before lunchtime may not be the best idea - they had to compete with Georgia for the bread.
04.04.12 010

I promise, there were two end pieces in there I grabbed out of our fresh loaf, and that's what she's eating. But the turtles still got what they could.
04.04.12 019

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