April 15, 2012 - There is a Barbie in Our Home!

Georgia's Papa sent her some spending money for Easter, so we decided to make the drive to Toys 'R Us to let Georgia roam the aisles and aisles of kiddie wonderment. This was the first time I think we've just said "go for it, show us what toys you want" to the little one. So we spent quite a while going up and down aisle after aisle. The first thing that caught her attention was the cars for kids to drive, especially the Jeep one. Georgia has a thing for Jeeps lately. And while I'm sure she'd have a blast cruising the streets of our development filled with senior citizens - boy, would they get a kick out of her - I don't think this was quite in our Easter budget:

But it did make my list for ideas the next time a big gift is up to bat. So on our search continued. There were several maybes, that is until we found another Jeep, this one bright pink with ::gulp:: Barbie and Ken dolls inside of it.

04.15.12 015

My daughter owns a Barbie... ugh. It really makes me feel like she's growing up.  It also makes me realize fighting the feminine stereotype has truly begun in our home.  Maybe we need to spend the rest of that Easter money on a kiddie tool kit.

Regardless, she loves her new jeep and has played with it non-stop.

04.15.12 001
04.15.12 005
OK, well maybe I don't have to worry about Barbie so much... Georgia has already left her in the dust.

04.15.12 024

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