It Has Been a Long, Long Time...

So I see my last post on this page was more than a month ago, and yes, that's a horrible job on my part in keeping up with this page. I would try to explain how busy I am and why I fall short of posting here, but it seems no matter how much I explain my being overwhelmed to others, it falls on deaf ears or is just not understood. So I'll bypass the whining and just put a post up here.

While I should probably start with Georgia's birthday party at school or her big birthday party on her actual birthday or the fact that Georgia went from her crib to her "big girl" toddler bed about the time of my last post in September, I'm stuck at work on my day off (thanks Hurricane Sandy) and don't have those pictures available to me. But I do have pictures from our walk in the Halloween Preschool Parade this past Friday, so get a load of some skeleton cuteness!

Georiga has wanted to be a skeleton for Halloween this year since we first started talking about it, and her choice has not wavered. She really likes x-rays right now and the letter "x" is her favorite letter, so I can only assume that's where the skeleton thing came from. Maybe I have a future radiologist on my hands?

So there's a preschool parade held the Friday before Halloween every year for the little ones in town. It gives them a chance to show off their costumes and have a daytime "costume practice." And although we missed the start by about 15 minutes (bad mama!), we caught the last part of the walk and all of the festival after it.
Halloween is almost here!


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