Mommy's Mess... er... Makeup

What little child wouldn't be intrigued by a goodie bag brimming with shiny boxes and sparkly tubes? It's a menagerie of soft brushes and pastel gels and powders that shine. Add to that the fact that mommy digs into it every day and... voila, we have one of Georgia's favorite things - mommy's make-up bag.

08.30.11 007
08.30.11 009

While I am quick (hesitant) to share my not-so-cheap make-up with my little darling, she is just as quick to get those little fingers working on the latches, prying open colors with names like "sugared maple" and "smoldering plum" and "like mink." Fingers that just as quickly smear a rainbow of neutrals and earth tones on Georgia's cheeks, forehead and sometimes nose.

08.30.11 001

For a few moments, Georgia joins the realm of the grown-up world, and for reasons I'm still trying to figure out, she loves it! And I love finding that missing tube of "tenderheart" lipstick in the couch cushions three days *after* I needed it.

08.30.11 005


Beginning of the Path to Georgia...

First comes love... then comes marriage... then comes Georgia in the baby carriage.

Well today is the celebration of that middle one. It's my hubby's and my three year wedding anniversary. Our marriage started us on the path to Georgia because I'm one of those traditionalists. I wanted to be married before there was a baby. And thankfully, I was able to convince my hubby of the same. And it has been three wonderful years.

Here we are on that glorious day in 2008:

wedding prof. pics 067
wedding prof. pics 205
wedding prof. pics 081
wedding prof. pics 413
wedding prof. pics 475
wedding prof. pics 700
wedding prof. pics 524
wedding prof. pics 889
wedding prof. pics 951

Thanks to W Scott Chester Photography - you guys rock!

Our wedding was perfect, the day was perfect, the pictures were perfect, my dress was... OK, you get the picture. And the best part is, although it has its blemishes and bumps here and there like everything in life, my marriage is pretty darn perfect.

I could not ask for a better friend, a better husband and a better father for our daughter - and honey, I mean that! (yeah, he reads my posts) Thank you Ben for all you give to Georgia and me. With you, we always see "la vie en rose."

When he takes me in his arms
And speaks softly to me,
I see life in rosy hues.
He tells me words of love,
Words of every day,
And in them I become something.
He has entered my heart,
A part of happiness
Whereof I understand the reason.
It’s he for me and I for him, throughout life,
He has told me, he has sworn to me, for life.
And from the things that I sense,
Now I can feel within me
My heart that beats.

-The chorus from "La Vie En Rose." It was our first dance.


Blogging a Birthday Best!

I'll admit, my memory is about as long as a flea's jump. I just do not remember certain things well. Dates fall into that category, in this particular case, birthdays. I can remember the birthdays that have been drilled into my head for decades - my sisters, my brother, my cousins (some of them), my parents', my grandparents - and then of course there's my husband and daughter. But beyond that, forget it.

So Dolores, this is my way of saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I hope you had a wonderful day, I hope Ben remembered to call you and I hope you have fabulous memories of this special day. I will try to do a better job of remembering next year, I promise.

1st bday party (10.16.10) 178
Georgia sends her grandma sweet birthday wishes as well. We love you!


Making Memories...

When Georgia looks back on these days 10 or even 20 years from now, what will she remember of them? Well, probably nothing because she's not even two yet (but oh my God, she's so close - I can't believe it), but if she does remember our days at the beach, I hope she remembers days like this.

Beach Series Sharp

Dear daughter, remember these: the tinkling sound of the shells across the sand as they dance with the arrival and departure of each frothy wave; watching the sand pipers flirt and flit as they chase and then run from the waves; the taste of peaches and plums mixed with the salt of the ocean and a few mischievous grains of sand; a rainbow of sand toys - shovels, sifters and pails; the way sea oats hula to the ocean breezes; the cry of a gull; the approach and fly over of a flock of pelicans; the search as we walk for an "even better" seashell; the perfect crookedness of a sandcastle; watching footprints melt beneath a wave; the pure joy of sand between your toys.

09.04.11 041
09.04.11 039
09.04.11 030
09.04.11 020
09.04.11 008
09.04.11 033
09.04.11 005
09.04.11 100
09.04.11 015
09.04.11 043

Whether they're sharp in her mind in 20 years or not, the memories will be there and they will always be smiling.


Video Catch-Up

I don't know why, but I always forget I can post videos on this blog as well as my photos. Maybe it's because this blog started out as a 365 day photo project, and in my mind, I always think of photos first. Maybe it's because I'm obessessed with taking pictures of my camera-hog daughter. Maybe it's because half of my Monday through Friday job revolves around video, so subconsciously I ban the stuff from my personal life. Who knows? However, since I have family members who I know read this blog and don't see the videos I post to Facebook, I'm playing some video catch-up today. These are all fairly recent, so this is Georgia in the "now."

At the beach today:

Georgia eating her first popsicle:

Georgia doing her "push-ups" with her stuffed monkey on her back:

Georgia "helping" my hubby do his push-ups:

At the beach a couple of weeks ago:


Are You Wearing Teal Today?

Today is "Wear Teal Day 2011." It's one more way to raise awareness about Ovarian Cancer. Just like pink is for Breast Cancer, teal is for Ovarian Cancer.

Here's my teal:
teal toes 009

And you better believe I'm wearing sandals that show off my teal toes today! My teal toes were the first thing my daughter noticed when she saw me this morning, and same with my husband, so I know they grab attention. I hope they will bring comments and questions my way today so I can tell people why my toes are teal and make sure they're aware about this "silent" killer.

If you haven't read Georgia's birth story to the right of this page, Ovarian Cancer took my mother from us two days before Georgia was born almost two years ago. The picture you see by my toes is my mother and I not long after I was born.

I miss my mom so much still, and I know I always will. It's something I deal with every single day, several times a day. I hope you or your family never have to - so know the symptoms!!


My mother's symptoms presented as a bladder infection. Her doctor missed it the first few weeks, and my mother didn't go back to him as soon as she maybe should have because she didn't want to be a bother to anyone. That was her, ALWAYS thinking of others. But ladies, put yourselves first and know what things may not be right. Don't wait a minute more if you think something is up, because every day this nasty stuff gets to grow is one more day it has to get harder to beat. By the time my mother's cancer was discovered, about a month after her initial symptoms, she was late stage 3 to early stage 4. She fought so hard for 2 1/2 years before the cancer finally won.

She fought hard for herself, hard for us and hard to get the chance to meet my daughter. I love you for your strength, mom, and every single thing else about you. I miss you.


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