Mommy's Mess... er... Makeup

What little child wouldn't be intrigued by a goodie bag brimming with shiny boxes and sparkly tubes? It's a menagerie of soft brushes and pastel gels and powders that shine. Add to that the fact that mommy digs into it every day and... voila, we have one of Georgia's favorite things - mommy's make-up bag.

08.30.11 007
08.30.11 009

While I am quick (hesitant) to share my not-so-cheap make-up with my little darling, she is just as quick to get those little fingers working on the latches, prying open colors with names like "sugared maple" and "smoldering plum" and "like mink." Fingers that just as quickly smear a rainbow of neutrals and earth tones on Georgia's cheeks, forehead and sometimes nose.

08.30.11 001

For a few moments, Georgia joins the realm of the grown-up world, and for reasons I'm still trying to figure out, she loves it! And I love finding that missing tube of "tenderheart" lipstick in the couch cushions three days *after* I needed it.

08.30.11 005

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