Who Sees a Trend Here??

Weekend = Beach.
Weekend = Beach.
Weekend = Beach.
Weekend = Beach.
Weekend = Beach.

But can you blame us? One of the reasons I wanted so badly to move back to the East Coast was to be close to the beach, and we are now even closer than I had imagined! So of course the beach is always on my to-do list. This past weekend was no different. We headed to the North Carolina Seafood Festival on Saturday.

10.01.11 016

The festival was only minutes from the beach, so after we walked a lot and ate our fill of seafood, I don't think my husband was too surprised when I said a walk on the beach was a necessary stop.

This is why...
10.01.11 081

Give me the most stressful week and this can just wash it all away, wave by perfect wave.

Or maybe this is why the beach is a must...
10.01.11 088

Our little one LOVES every moment spent with her toes digging into the sand or flying above it.

Or maybe it's searching for shells nestled in the sand...
10.01.11 038

I think with each one I pick up, I pick up a little bit of lost sanity from the busy and hectic work weeks.

Or perhaps it's what a stick or a rock or just a finger can create when it meets wet sand...
10.01.11 055

10.01.11 063

10.01.11 057

Georgia delights in her wide open sand canvas.

Or maybe it's the cries of gulls...
10.01.11 105

Or the lullaby of waves...
10.01.11 076

Or the constant laughter of a truly happy little girl...
10.01.11 048

No matter what it is that makes this place so wonderful, I will take more of this...
10.01.11 035

... any time I can get it. It's my sandy soul survival.

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