I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream....

... for ICE CREAM! We now have an ice cream truck that comes through our neighborhood on some weekends. The first time we caught it was about three weeks ago, just as I was leaving to photograph someone else's kids. That means I missed Georgia's first ice cream truck experience. Luckily, her daddy was there to make sure she got to pick out a cold treat.

So when the ice cream truck came loudly jingling and jangling through our neighborhood this past weekend, you'd better believe I was there for it!!!

So many choices for a little one, and while the truck was empty of Georgia's first choice - the Spiderman popsicle - her second choice was served right up, yellow head, gumball eyes and all.
Georgia's ears are now tuned into the blaring melodies of the ice cream truck, and her eyes light up when she hears anything that resembles the sound of sugar-filled treats on a stick dancing through our streets.


Hunting for Eggs

We had a great Easter weekend, and better yet, it was a three-day weekend for our family. (that rarely happens)

Friday was spent doing a lot of work building our vegetable garden - more to come on that later. So Saturday, we had some fun finding rainbow-colored eggs.

03.30.13 (49 of 164) 03.30.13 (51 of 164) 03.30.13 (50 of 164)
What made it even better, one of Georgia's favorite friends also made it out to this egg hunt - Mia.
03.30.13 (5 of 164) 03.30.13 (115 of 164)
And just look at this smile..
03.30.13 (79 of 164)
You know this girl found a lot of eggs - I'm pretty sure more than anyone else in her age group and maybe the entire group. She is an egg hunting machine!
03.30.13 (68 of 164) 03.30.13 (73 of 164)
With a basket full of chocolate, who could wait to get home to start eating? Certainly not my little one.
03.30.13 (101 of 164)
What a great way to spend part of our holiday weekend - making memories.
03.30.13 (94 of 164)


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