January 30 & 31, 2012 - Make It Monday and a Taste of Tuesday

Sometimes I feel like I'm running in circles every day, over and over again. They are the same circles, just different days. My circle had a little 90-degree angle added to it Tuesday - I had to be into work 30 minutes early for a meeting. Hence the dual day post because I missed my 11:59 p.m. deadline to get January 31st posted under the month of January... oops! Let's hope I'm soon back running in my circle.

January 30, 2012

It's a Make It Monday! It's not a craft so much with Georgia today, but one for Georgia (and maybe my sanity). I made a calm jar.

01.30.12 002-2

You fill a jar with colored water, glitter and some corn syrup to thicken it up.
01.30.12 023

Then you super glue the lid shut.
01.30.12 017

The idea behind it is that when someone needs to calm down, um, I don't know, say a toddler throwing a temper-tantrum, you shake the jar and watch the glitter fall. By the time the glitter settles, hopefully that tantrum has too! (although I don't know what little angel in our house would dare throw a tantrum...)
01.30.12 011

I haven't tested it yet, but something tells me I won't have to wait long.

January 31, 2012 - A Taste of Tuesday

I had a long day at work and didn't get home until after midnight, so I'm exhausted. So here's quick glance, or taste, at/of our Tuesday.

Georgia and her daddy eating lunch when he came home on his lunch break.
01.31.12 002

And Georgia not happy that I was photographing their meal...
01.31.12 003

They are my loves... my true loves.


January 29, 2012 - A Walk in the Woods

Daddy's home!!!

I have had to spend several days and nights away from my daughter during my job hunt about six to eight months ago. I always had to leave town for job interviews. So I know well that tug at your heart when you know you'll go without seeing that little smile today or wiping that messy little mouth at lunch time or getting those fabulous hugs throughout the day or that sweet goodnight kiss as the day come to an end. It sucks, it really does. And while a day and night (or two) away can bring a little peace and quiet, really, who wants that when there's lots of love in all that noise at home?

Georgia daddy's just got his first real taste of missing her when he went out of town for work the last two days. So today was all about time together. So we found our own peace and quiet - together - with a walk through the woods in a nearby national forest.

01.29.12 019
01.29.12 008
This is some serious lichen!
01.29.12 015
Over the river and through the woods... right?
01.29.12 028
Or maybe it was under the tree...
01.29.12 034
Maybe it's the bit of southern girl in me, but there's just SOMETHING about Spanish Moss hanging in a tree.
01.29.12 039
Wait mommy, are you coming?
01.29.12 045

After all the energy we used up walking through the woods, a re-energizing stop at the ice cream shop was a requirement. :)
01.29.12 073
01.29.12 071

Life is a whole lot sweeter with daddy home. We missed you daddy and are very, very happy you are home!


January 28, 2012 - Girl's Time, Part 2

It's day two of just me and Georgia. Me and Georgia. Me and Georgia.

So let's go chase some birds!

01.28.12 023
01.28.12 024
We also fed the seagulls.
01.28.12 002
... and Georgia.
01.28.12 008
A lot of seagulls here.
01.28.12 040

We also took a walk by the rivers. There's this bench/art work where you can talk into this funnel-like thing, and the person on the other end at the other funnel-like thing can hear you. Georgia tried talking to her daddy...
01.28.12 035
01.28.12 034

And what's a girls' day out without some sweets, right?
01.28.12 051
01.28.12 045
01.28.12 049

Daddy comes home tonight from his out-of-town work... and we can't wait to see him!! But I will be a little sad to lose my mommy/daughter time - it has been a sweet two days.


January 27, 2012 - When Daddy's Away...

The hubby is out of town for work, meaning Georgia and I have two days of girl time!

I treasure my time with Georgia when it's just the two of us - for those moments it's just her and me and the rest of the world just fades into the fuzzy outlines of our life. I love that. Her feelings and emotions - good and bad - toward me are pure and raw and not diluted in any way through another. They are times I will always remember and pull off the memory shelf when I need a smile. But these days are hard work too, right? It always makes me wonder how single moms and dads do it every. single. day.

Well, we started mommy/daughter day one with an AWESOME morning at the library. Friday is story/puppet time there, and while I'd love to show you all the adorable pictures I had planned to take, this momma remembered her camera but forgot to grab the memory card out of my laptop. Sooo... no cute pics.

I did snap one or two with my phone while we were looking for books after tot time.

Riding home with our finds.

We went home with four books, and I was sure to get a shot once I was reunited with my memory card.
01.27.12 025
01.27.12 026

Georgia still went to daycare for a few hours so mommy could get some much-needed errands done - work suits altered, meeting at the bank for a mortgage, etc - and it was great to finally get to be the one to pick her up. I'm always the "bad guy," dropping her off every day while daddy scoops her up and rescues her after 5. Today, she turned to see me with that humongous smile and a beautiful "mommy!". It was a highlight of my day.

How to wrap up our day? A marvelous dinner out at an Italian restaurant of course!
01.27.12 006-2

Mmmmm... Baked Ziti for Georgia and Chicken Marsala for me. It was delish, but what was best was laughing and talking our way through dinner - and thoroughly entertaining the older couple sitting next to us. Dessert went home with us - tiramisu - and was just as delightful as dinner.
01.27.12 009
01.27.12 022
01.27.12 011

I actually held off tucking her into bed for an extra 15 minutes because I didn't want our day to end. So I'll certainly mark this one down as a super good day. Good night my sweet, it's just you and me again tomorrow, kid.


January 26, 2012 - Paper Bag Puppets

Hmmm... do I wash the dishes that are impatiently waiting by the sink?

01.26.12 009

NO! I'd rather spend time with my little. So we're making it a crafty day in our house!

Lunch sack paper bags + various items from our craft box =
01.26.12 001
01.26.12 005
01.26.12 004

Georgia's puppet:
01.26.12 007

and my puppet:
01.26.12 006

The hardest part is having the patience to wait for the glue to dry!!


January 25, 2012 - A Winter of Picnics

Yes, you read that title correctly - winter and picnics in the same breath. I'm loving this whacked-out, overly-warm winter on the NC Coast!!

When Georgia and I were walking back from the playground this morning, I asked her what she wanted for lunch. She answered, "a picnic." Enough said, little one, enough said. A turkey sandwich, some sliced fruit and a juice box later, and we were sitting in the sun on a quilt made by my grandmother and great-grandmother.

01.25.12 001
01.25.12 003


(and yes, I do realize a picnic post comes dangerously close to being my third lunch food post for the week, but... yeah, I've got nothing. enjoy!)


January 24, 2012 - Life's Everyday

Now matter how much I hope every morning when I wake up to make that day different and special and full of excitement for Georgia, let's face it, life is full of the same things over and over again.

To prove my point, or should I say my point is backing up my photography of the day, my pictures from today are again of lunchtime. I know, you're wondering right now "why am I wasting my time reading about some kid's lunch again?" I think Georgia was thinking along the same lines here when I pulled out my camera - "you want to take a picture of my lunch, again?"

01.24.12 009

Might I add it was a triangles and squares kind of lunch?
01.24.12 002
01.24.12 007

Oh, and remember "Larry the Octopus?" He is finally complete.
(he was once an empty paper towel tube)
01.24.12 003

Good lunch to you all!


January 23, 2012 - Octopus for Lunch???

Well... not really octopus, but that's what we are calling them.


01.23.12 017-2

plus this:
01.23.12 023

equals this:
01.23.12 025

Turkey dog octopuses! Yum!


January 22, 2012 - Empress Baker

Score today at one of my favorite stores... Michaels! We not only picked up MORE tidbits for all the arts and crafts I have planned for Georgia, but they were giving away free princess crowns and Georgia snagged one.

01.22.12 005

But the hubby was quick to point out Georgia is much cooler than some powerless princess and instead, she is Empress Georgia. And after dinner, she was Empress Georgia the Baker - as we had a date with some cupcake mix.
cake batter

01.22.12 031
01.22.12 045

And no hoity-toity girl here - my little Empress Georgia digs right in to the chocolate!!
01.22.12 047

Maybe she's just what some royal family needs - a dose of reality and messy chocolate!
01.22.12 063
01.22.12 062
01.22.12 060

Hail Chocolate! Long Live Chocolate!!


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