January 6, 2012 - Dear Mother Nature, I Love That You're Confused...

... because 60-degree weather in January ROCKS! I hope you continue to think we are in the midst of Spring and not Winter.

01.06.12 028

Today called for a morning spent in the backyard... without jackets... and without shoes. Yipee!!!
01.06.12 037
01.06.12 040
01.06.12 051
01.06.12 055

Georgia and I even had to dump a little sand on the ground, so we could put our toes in the sand and imagine we were at the beach.
01.06.12 048

Today would not have been complete without a picnic. Come on, when can you have a picnic in the backyard in January?
01.06.12 082
01.06.12 079

Ah, Mother Nature, keep it up please, keep it up!

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