January 30 & 31, 2012 - Make It Monday and a Taste of Tuesday

Sometimes I feel like I'm running in circles every day, over and over again. They are the same circles, just different days. My circle had a little 90-degree angle added to it Tuesday - I had to be into work 30 minutes early for a meeting. Hence the dual day post because I missed my 11:59 p.m. deadline to get January 31st posted under the month of January... oops! Let's hope I'm soon back running in my circle.

January 30, 2012

It's a Make It Monday! It's not a craft so much with Georgia today, but one for Georgia (and maybe my sanity). I made a calm jar.

01.30.12 002-2

You fill a jar with colored water, glitter and some corn syrup to thicken it up.
01.30.12 023

Then you super glue the lid shut.
01.30.12 017

The idea behind it is that when someone needs to calm down, um, I don't know, say a toddler throwing a temper-tantrum, you shake the jar and watch the glitter fall. By the time the glitter settles, hopefully that tantrum has too! (although I don't know what little angel in our house would dare throw a tantrum...)
01.30.12 011

I haven't tested it yet, but something tells me I won't have to wait long.

January 31, 2012 - A Taste of Tuesday

I had a long day at work and didn't get home until after midnight, so I'm exhausted. So here's quick glance, or taste, at/of our Tuesday.

Georgia and her daddy eating lunch when he came home on his lunch break.
01.31.12 002

And Georgia not happy that I was photographing their meal...
01.31.12 003

They are my loves... my true loves.

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