January 16, 2012 - Precious Time

I won't say much about today's post - I'll show you a few moments of the day instead. But I will say this, I had the day off of work - four in a row - and every moment spent with my family is as precious as moments get in life.

After a lot of mommy/daughter time while the hubby was at work, he came home to dinner as a family and then play time. Shockingly (insert slight sarcasm here), Georgia chose Play-Doh.

01.16.12 050
Look at the concentration!
01.16.12 017
No, not Georgia's face - daddy's! :)
01.16.12 035
All that concentration resulted in a lot of Play-Doh snakes.
01.16.12 027
01.16.12 015

Then we put the second coat of paint on the empty paper towel roll that will hopefully become Larry the seven-armed octopus. (hey, I never said I was good at evenly cutting eight segments)

01.16.12 057
01.16.12 063

Umm, I'll keep you updated on Larry's status... but the status of this family day is just FABULOUS!

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