January 9, 2012 - Jobs With Benefits

I started a new job six months ago and my husband started a new job a little more than a week ago. Starting a new job is never easy. You have to figure out where everyone stands and where you will fall into the mix. You have to develop a new routine. You have to figure out where the break room and bathrooms are. You have to feel out your new managers and how they will be to work for. You basically have to start from scratch and figure everything out all over again. It sucks, actually, it really does, especially when we had both been with our previous employers for a decent amount of time and had become very settled.

So while we are both, no doubt, still adjusting to it all and most certainly comparing the pros and cons versus our last jobs, both our new jobs certainly offer one big benefit that was not possible for us in Omaha - we get to come home for our lunch/dinner breaks!

01.09.12 002

That means more family time which, as we all know, is an absolutely priceless benefit. In Omaha, our commute was just too far but here - 10 minutes for the hubby and 15 minutes for me, and I get the added benefit of an hour and a half dinner break.
01.09.12 006
01.09.12 016
01.09.12 022

There's just nothing like a home-cooked meal with family. Mark down a "pro" for the new jobs.

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