January 11, 2012 - Like Mommy, Like Daughter

Georgia and I might as well post a sign in our home, "Say NO to Crust!" We do not like the crust on our sandwiches. My grandmother would be so disappointed.

01.11.12 002

I swear, I did not sway her in this direction. When she started eating sandwiches, I left the crust on hers and actually ate mine to set a good example (yuck!). But time and time again, she'd eat her sandwich but leave those crusty outlines on her plate. So, now I cut the crusts off her sandwiches and the dogs are extremely happy about this!

I have a long history of crust-hating. I don't know if my mother ever tried to make me eat my crusts because my earliest memories are of her cutting them off for me. She understood me and my crust defiance. My grandmother always told me I should eat them because the crust was more nutritious than the rest of the bread. You know, like the skin of some fruits (actually) hold more nutrition than the meat of the fruit. Um... I didn't buy it - I was a smart kid. And then I had this teacher in pre-school who obviously hated crust-haters as much as I was one. At one point, she MADE ME eat my crust. I threw it up for her. She sent me home. I won!

01.11.12 005

So I hope Georgia one day realizes she has it pretty good. She has a mommy who fully understands what it's like to just wish for a world of crust-less bread.

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