January 28, 2012 - Girl's Time, Part 2

It's day two of just me and Georgia. Me and Georgia. Me and Georgia.

So let's go chase some birds!

01.28.12 023
01.28.12 024
We also fed the seagulls.
01.28.12 002
... and Georgia.
01.28.12 008
A lot of seagulls here.
01.28.12 040

We also took a walk by the rivers. There's this bench/art work where you can talk into this funnel-like thing, and the person on the other end at the other funnel-like thing can hear you. Georgia tried talking to her daddy...
01.28.12 035
01.28.12 034

And what's a girls' day out without some sweets, right?
01.28.12 051
01.28.12 045
01.28.12 049

Daddy comes home tonight from his out-of-town work... and we can't wait to see him!! But I will be a little sad to lose my mommy/daughter time - it has been a sweet two days.

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