January 15, 2012 - Digging Out of My Funk

OK, so I'll admit, yesterday just sucked. No need for details, but we all know life has good days and crap days. I guess I was due a crap day.

But after the storm comes the sun, and baby, that sun was shining today.

After a morning full of Play-Doh, cooking in the play kitchen, drawing smiley faces and watching a few Sunday-morning cartoons - Georgia, the hubby and I headed to the local history center to check it out.

01.15.12 024

Have you ever been to a history center that makes you work? This one did (if you're into that) - it was a re-creation of work in 1835.

We had to find supplies in the dry goods store:
01.15.12 005
01.15.12 006

We also had to make turpentine! (well fake turpentine)
01.15.12 015
01.15.12 017

After all that back-breaking labor, a stop for brownies and coffee was in order.
01.15.12 028
01.15.12 029

Georgia is turning into a little chocolate-loving ham!!

We finished up our family afternoon with a walk behind the history center and some fun time on the play ship there.
01.15.12 040

Anyone for walking the plank?
01.15.12 043
01.15.12 046
OK, how about jumping off of it.
01.15.12 044


A quick cuddle time with daddy before heading home.
01.15.12 067

It's just beautiful here.
01.15.12 073

A beautiful scene to match our beautiful day. Funk be gone!

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