January 29, 2012 - A Walk in the Woods

Daddy's home!!!

I have had to spend several days and nights away from my daughter during my job hunt about six to eight months ago. I always had to leave town for job interviews. So I know well that tug at your heart when you know you'll go without seeing that little smile today or wiping that messy little mouth at lunch time or getting those fabulous hugs throughout the day or that sweet goodnight kiss as the day come to an end. It sucks, it really does. And while a day and night (or two) away can bring a little peace and quiet, really, who wants that when there's lots of love in all that noise at home?

Georgia daddy's just got his first real taste of missing her when he went out of town for work the last two days. So today was all about time together. So we found our own peace and quiet - together - with a walk through the woods in a nearby national forest.

01.29.12 019
01.29.12 008
This is some serious lichen!
01.29.12 015
Over the river and through the woods... right?
01.29.12 028
Or maybe it was under the tree...
01.29.12 034
Maybe it's the bit of southern girl in me, but there's just SOMETHING about Spanish Moss hanging in a tree.
01.29.12 039
Wait mommy, are you coming?
01.29.12 045

After all the energy we used up walking through the woods, a re-energizing stop at the ice cream shop was a requirement. :)
01.29.12 073
01.29.12 071

Life is a whole lot sweeter with daddy home. We missed you daddy and are very, very happy you are home!

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