January 10, 2012 - An Obsession With Stuffing and Polyester

Meet "puppy."

01.10.12 003

"Puppy" is Georgia's best friend, security blanket, cuddle buddy, emergency pillow, partner-in-crime and constant companion. In fact, I can't believe I haven't dedicated a blog post to "puppy" until now. She (Georgia has determined "puppy" is a she) is a permanent fixture in our daily life.

01.10.12 009

Now I know it's not unusual for kids to have something they cling to for their early years - whether it be a blanket, stuffed animals or some of the more odd items I've heard mothers describe (read Georgia's further down in this blog) - but this lovey is actually a new phenomenon in my life. I don't remember ever having one, nor do I remember any of my three siblings having a strong attachment to something. But now there is a "puppy" in my life, and Georgia's attachment to her is actually quite cute.

Well, cute, until we have to go to daycare. "Puppy" is not allowed at daycare, so all Hell breaks loose when we have to put "puppy" down and walk out the door. I would like to say it's gotten better in the last week of daycare... but... would you want to leave this face?

01.10.12 011

So "puppy" I can handle, but "puppy" is having to learn to share Georgia a little bit because "Christmas Hat" moved in just before, well, Christmas. This is now Georgia's other (and slightly odd) obsession!

01.10.12 008

She wears "Christmas Hat" around the house almost all the time, to the grocery store, to the park, out on a walk and ALWAYS to bed. Yes, "Christmas Hat" has become the evil twin to "puppy." I get "puppy" and I accept "puppy," but that damn hat and I don't see eye to eye... or eye to fuzzy ball.

01.10.12 013

It makes her head sweat excessively at night (of course, the damn thing's polyester and therefore not breathable), it makes the static in her hair uncontrollable, it smells, it also cannot go to daycare, it's always there to mess up the hair brushing and barrette placement I just finished, and it ain't Christmas anymore.

I know, I know what you're saying - she's two and she'll move on eventually. I know you're right and that's why "Christmas Hat" is still around. But I'm hoping this polyester obsession will soon be in the company of the lights and bulbs and garland living happily in those green and red Rubbermaid bins in the attic.

01.10.12 017

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