January 22, 2012 - Empress Baker

Score today at one of my favorite stores... Michaels! We not only picked up MORE tidbits for all the arts and crafts I have planned for Georgia, but they were giving away free princess crowns and Georgia snagged one.

01.22.12 005

But the hubby was quick to point out Georgia is much cooler than some powerless princess and instead, she is Empress Georgia. And after dinner, she was Empress Georgia the Baker - as we had a date with some cupcake mix.
cake batter

01.22.12 031
01.22.12 045

And no hoity-toity girl here - my little Empress Georgia digs right in to the chocolate!!
01.22.12 047

Maybe she's just what some royal family needs - a dose of reality and messy chocolate!
01.22.12 063
01.22.12 062
01.22.12 060

Hail Chocolate! Long Live Chocolate!!

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