January 21, 2012 - A Day WITHOUT My Camera

The hubby went to get some work done today, so Georgia and I had a girls day! We headed to two places where we always find fun - the aquarium and the beach.

Although my fingers were twitching, I did not let myself take my camera. I wanted to focus solely on Georgia and our time together. So today you will not see a post filled with snapshots of the moments that filled our day. But we did have a beautiful day filled with a lot of laughter, giggles, smiles and talking. I love out time together!

However, I did not leave my smartphone at home. I took one picture, and one picture only, of Georgia and I building a sandcastle at the beach.

We walked and ran through the aquarium twice, and we stayed at the beach until Georgia fell down in the sand and a wave came up and got her wet. She kept saying, "it got Georgia." She's too cute.

I live for days like this.

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