January 2, 2012 - Be Creative

Want to find creativity? Have a kid - creativity and imagination ooze from their every pore. I don't think a single day goes by in our home where Georgia and me or Georgia and her daddy aren't coloring, painting, crafting... something. She is constantly searching for an outlet, like if she doesn't release that imaginative energy, she might start to swell from the size of it and eventually just float away like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon.

Today, this is how we released our creativity:

12.28.11 009
12.28.11 021
12.28.11 023
12.28.11 011
Thank you Aunt Jenna for the awesome easel!

And going with the creative flow, I also let Georgia do something today that is usually pretty well off limits - she got to touch my camera. And not only touch it, but take pictures with it (supervised of course, I had one hand on it the whole time - I'm not clinically insane). But she could point it at whatever she wanted to and hit the button.

So here's photography through Georgia's eyes:
GA pics
GA pics2

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