January 27, 2012 - When Daddy's Away...

The hubby is out of town for work, meaning Georgia and I have two days of girl time!

I treasure my time with Georgia when it's just the two of us - for those moments it's just her and me and the rest of the world just fades into the fuzzy outlines of our life. I love that. Her feelings and emotions - good and bad - toward me are pure and raw and not diluted in any way through another. They are times I will always remember and pull off the memory shelf when I need a smile. But these days are hard work too, right? It always makes me wonder how single moms and dads do it every. single. day.

Well, we started mommy/daughter day one with an AWESOME morning at the library. Friday is story/puppet time there, and while I'd love to show you all the adorable pictures I had planned to take, this momma remembered her camera but forgot to grab the memory card out of my laptop. Sooo... no cute pics.

I did snap one or two with my phone while we were looking for books after tot time.

Riding home with our finds.

We went home with four books, and I was sure to get a shot once I was reunited with my memory card.
01.27.12 025
01.27.12 026

Georgia still went to daycare for a few hours so mommy could get some much-needed errands done - work suits altered, meeting at the bank for a mortgage, etc - and it was great to finally get to be the one to pick her up. I'm always the "bad guy," dropping her off every day while daddy scoops her up and rescues her after 5. Today, she turned to see me with that humongous smile and a beautiful "mommy!". It was a highlight of my day.

How to wrap up our day? A marvelous dinner out at an Italian restaurant of course!
01.27.12 006-2

Mmmmm... Baked Ziti for Georgia and Chicken Marsala for me. It was delish, but what was best was laughing and talking our way through dinner - and thoroughly entertaining the older couple sitting next to us. Dessert went home with us - tiramisu - and was just as delightful as dinner.
01.27.12 009
01.27.12 022
01.27.12 011

I actually held off tucking her into bed for an extra 15 minutes because I didn't want our day to end. So I'll certainly mark this one down as a super good day. Good night my sweet, it's just you and me again tomorrow, kid.

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