Hello! ::knock, knock:: Is anybody home?!?!?

This might be what you're asking if you've stopped by here lately. Where the heck is that woman? Did she fall off a cliff? Well, kind of, if that cliff is called normalcy and sanity. Let's just call my cliff I-got-a-job-and-I-have-to-move-my-family-halfway-across-the-country-in-two-and-a-half-weeks. Yeah, now you know why sanity is GONE! Oh, and time to write any new blog posts.

So the bad news is I could probably temporary qualify for the looney bin. Hmmm... that sounds relaxing actually.

The good news though, I'm moving here: (insert big, cheesy smile)
New Bern 002

OK, so not right here, but this is the view from downtown New Bern, North Carolina. It's quite the leap from the cornfields of Nebraska (sorry for the stereo-typing - NE is much, much more than just cornfields). I am the new main anchor of FOX Eastern Carolina and will also work for the ABC affiliate, WCTI. I start July 11th (I know, really freaking soon!). So I will try to pump some life back into this blog in the next week or two, but don't hunt me down if I don't. But after that, I hope a new normalcy starts to creep into my life and you will find me back here much more often again.

Thanks for sticking with me and Georgia in the meantime.


Family Vacation... Yipee!!

I don't know why they say you can never go home again. I just did, and it was fabulous!! I took my own family to the place where I grew up - The Florida Keys.
FL Keys Trip 018.1
It's the place where I earned the title of "Conch," where I learned to swim at nine months old and learned to deep sea fish with my grandfather and catch dolphin. (if you've been there, you know I'm not talking about Flipper) It's the place where I combed the beach for hermit crabs, let my toes get nibbled on by minnows and wore an almost constant crust of salt from the dried sea water on my skin. Oddly enough it's also the place where I developed my passion for horses and rode mine on the beach whenever the chance presented itself.

At the time, I hated the place. But in retrospect, I had a magical childhood. How many people can say they watched the 4th of July fireworks from their boat EVERY year, rode a school bus over at least a dozen bridges every day just to get to school, caught lobster and snapper (with hot dogs) under their dock for dinner and woke up every morning in a place most people long to go for vacation? Well, I can. And I was so happy to finally take my daughter and husband there.

Travel along with us, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.
FL Keys Trip 018
This vacation was a family affair. I still have aunts, uncles, cousin and grandparents all still living in Marathon, and my sisters were also both joining me for this trip! But before they arrived, Ben, Georgia and I took a trip down to Key West.
FL Keys Trip 038
FL Keys Trip 046
Ernest Hemingway's former home:
FL Keys Trip 092
And the descendants of his six-toed cats:
FL Keys Trip 067
Yes, she kissed one. She's into kisses right now.
Coloring and daddy kisses while we wait for a yummy lunch of conch cerviche and grouper sandwiches! (OK, so Georgia had chicken fingers)
FL Keys Trip 023
Picture overload yet? Oh just wait, this is just the beginning!!

We spent great time with family and added great new memories to the vault.
Georgia even got some "sharing" lessons from her cousins. (the girl does NOT like to share her crayons!)
And Georgia LOVES airplanes right now and guess where the flight path is for the local airport... right over my grandparents' home. Heaven for Georgia! She watched them land and then flew just like them.
Florida is all about its beaches, right? We hit three different ones while we were there. Here ya go:

Sombrero Beach:

Aunt Jodi took Georgia into the water. She loved the water but hated kids wearing snorkel masks. Go figure.
Jodi's dog Tom joined us too.
FL Keys Trip 126

Bahia Honda State Park:

Here's Georgia's cousin Emily in one of those dreaded masks!
And there's an awesome, old bridge right next to the beach.

Coco Plum Beach:

This beach is a little on the natural and wild side, which is why I love it.
More flying:
FL Keys Trip 304-2
So much exploring to do!
Home sweet home, we loved you.
FL Keys Trip 350


I've Been Slacking...

... because it has been quite a while since I have put a new post up here. Yes, I have several excuses - don't we always?

1.) The job hunt has been keeping me busy.
2.) My family and I just got back from a week-long trip to visit family in the Florida Keys.
3.) I've been very busy getting another blog up and running (and doing the two family shoots you'll see profiled so far):

Jaime Otero Photography

If you're wondering, no, I'm not going professional right now. I just want to take my hobby to the next level and get experience shooting people other than my husband and daughter (not that I won't keep doing that until they're sick of me!).

So check it out and I promise to have vacation pictures up here real soon!


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