Llama, Llama Comes to Life!

Georgia loves the "Llama, Llama... " book series, and I have a confession, I think I love it even more! So when we went to our local farmer's market this past Saturday, Georgia and I were not going pass up the offer of a free llama ride!!

Untitled Untitled

His name is "Matador," and he and his owner took us for a spin around the building. Such a smooth ride and so much fun. Definitely a first for both of us.


She Can Write!

Georgia breezed through learning to say her ABCs however long ago that was, and now, she's learning to write them. We typically practice on pieces of paper laying around or the awesome easel her Aunt Jenna gave Georgia, but today we took a more unique approach. Georgia had to write an "I'm sorry" card to our five-year-old neighbor next door. Little Addison plays with Georgia quite often, and Georgia loves Addison's company, but today Georgia decided she was not going to share ANYTHING with dear Addison. Now Addison is the middle child of three girls and is very patient. So I knew Georgia had really overstepped her bounds when Addison decided she was going home before her mom came hunting for her. That has never happened before. So Georgia and I had some lengthy "sharing" discussions, read "Llama, Llama, Time to Share" about 10 times and did this:

12.28.12-3 12.28.12-4

The creation is hers and most of the writing is hers. I helped with the "s" and "n" and "g" and "r" - but the rest is all Georgia!

She also drew this person all by herself.


I hope these lessons leave an impression on my little one, but I'll be honest, her writing and art skills left me impressed. My little is growing up quick.



I never did get a post up about our new visitor last month. A new friend showed up at our house on December first, and she stayed with us all the way through Christmas. It was Georgia's first visit from one of Santa's elves, and Georgia named her "Love."

Meet Love the Elf.

love the elf-30

She wrapped Georgia's toilet..

love the elf-27

She became "Spider-Love"...

love the elf-19

She colored the water blue...

love the elf-11

And she even turned Georgia into Rudolph...


Then she flew back to Santa on Christmas night...


She was fun, she was mischievous and she was kind. We missed Love when she went back Christmas night to spend the next 11 months with Santa. But we know we'll see her again next December.


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