I never did get a post up about our new visitor last month. A new friend showed up at our house on December first, and she stayed with us all the way through Christmas. It was Georgia's first visit from one of Santa's elves, and Georgia named her "Love."

Meet Love the Elf.

love the elf-30

She wrapped Georgia's toilet..

love the elf-27

She became "Spider-Love"...

love the elf-19

She colored the water blue...

love the elf-11

And she even turned Georgia into Rudolph...


Then she flew back to Santa on Christmas night...


She was fun, she was mischievous and she was kind. We missed Love when she went back Christmas night to spend the next 11 months with Santa. But we know we'll see her again next December.

Bella Mills  – (February 1, 2013 at 8:00 AM)  

Ha ha ha Spider Love! That is hilarious! Thank you for sharing your wonderful sense of humour and beautiful pictures. One day when I'm a mother (hopefully soon!), I would love to share in the Elf Love.
Bella xx

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