March 29, 2010 - A Little Closer to Home

The beckoning started up again today with the rising of the sun. Yep, you heard right. We saw the sun two days in a row now. And the light spreads like a lullaby for all those trapped in the dark insides of a home for an entire winter. A lullaby that begs, with every note, for us to head outside. Who are we to say no?

We are lucky to have a beautiful city park right across the street from our home. And that is where this sun-deprived, sun-loving family went for a walk today. We caught the last warm rays of the sun as it headed to bed for the night.

03.29.10 BLOG1

03.29.10 BLOG2

03.29.10 BLOG4

03.29.10 BLOG3


March 28, 2010 - Where the Buffalo Roam...

Spring has finally, truly arrived in Nebraska. We all seemed to wake up happier this morning, the birds are back and singing, the air has that hint of warmth like a tease of fabulous things to come, the sun is bigger and welcoming - it just feels wonderful! So we had to get our little one outside today and no zoo was going to do. We went where the animals have a little more room to roam - the wildlife safari.

03.28.10 BLOG1

Of course driving thorough the fields scattered with a herd here or there was no different to Georgia than driving to Wal-Mart. She couldn't see the beasts from her car seat.

03.28.10 BLOG2

But we finally arrived to a hiking trail, plopped her in the Baby Bjorn and off we went - Georgia's first hike.

03.28.10 BLOG4

We passed by ponds where the frogs are testing out their melodies once again, Georgia's first time ever hearing the croak of a frog.

03.28.10 BLOG5

Although a bit breezy, after all we are still in Nebraska, we could all feel the sun on our faces and bodies and isn't it just amazing what that can do for a soul? I wonder if Georgia feels it too, after a winter trapped inside four walls?

03.28.10 BLOG7

We left that park today feeling a little more tired than when we arrived but much more alive.

03.28.10 BLOG6


March 27, 2010 - I Can't Believe I Missed It!

So after taking the pictures for yesterday's blog entry and pondering whether Georgia was contemplating her future as a rolling baby, I went off to work. At 5:43 p.m., I receive a text from my husband. "She did it." Georgia rolled over last night while I was at work. As happy as I was that our little girl took her next big leap, or roll, toward being a big girl, I must admit my heart cracked a little knowing that I was not there to share it with her. I've always known this was part of the deal of being a working mom, and it's always clung to the back of my mind. Not if, but what will I miss - the first attempt at a crawl, the first word, the first step - I'm sure this roll will not be the last time my heart cracks a little as my face beams with pride on the other end of a phone. But forget all that... MY LITTLE GIRL DID IT!!!!

So today, I was hoping for a special re-enactment just for mommy. I even had the camera ready. And oh, did my little girl try. She rocked to and fro, she kicked those legs high, she pursed her entire face with concentration until it was shining with red, and... well, here are the pictures.

03.27.10 BLOG1

03.27.10 BLOG2

03.27.10 BLOG3

03.27.10 BLOG4

Oh, defeat is so humiliating!

03.27.10 BLOG5

But my little ham quickly returned to her normal, hammy self.

03.27.10 BLOG6


March 26, 2010 - Yummy Tummy

After hating tummy time for sooooo long, Georgia and her tummy seem to have agreed to be friends. I won't say it's love, but she'll tolerate (and at times even have... dare I say it... fun) time on her tummy.
03.26.10 BLOG

Could this be a sign momentum is building for that long-awaited roll over? I don't know, Georgia's look is telling me not to hold my breath.

03.26.10 BLOG2


March 25, 2010 - They're Here!

The Easter cards I made and ordered arrived in the mail today! I'm so happy with the way they turned out. Vista Print always rocks and has great prices too.

03.25.10 BLOG

I'm so excited to send them out that I sat right down and addressed every single envelope. I can't wait until family members and friends find this card nestled in their stack of mail, open it up and are greeted by the happiness Georgia's smile brings me every day. I can't think of a better way to say Happy Easter.


March 24, 2010 - The Sniffles

There are a lot of Kleenex laying around our house. This has been a busy box.


I started feeling those pesky and oft hated symptoms of a cold coming on a few days ago. A day later, I felt like the side of a NyQuil bottle. You know the one, where it says something like sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching and stuffy head. That is me and now today, that's Georgia too. Daddy gave her the first cold and mommy gave her her second one. Poor kid, how does such a tiny nose make that much snot? But she doesn't have the cough, for that I am grateful. And she's such a happy, happy baby. Little one is smiling through all the mucous dripping down her face. It doesn't faze her. The only thing that does that are those darn Kleenexes!


March 23, 2010 - The Cookie Knows All

This is one fortune that, for me, is true every day...

03.23.10 BLOG


March 22, 2010 - Blowing Bubbles...

... with spit. It is something that has held Georgia's interest for some time now, but just the other day it completely took hold of her and it is not letting go. She rises in the morning with smiles and spit bubbles. She makes her way through the day foaming at the mouth as she works herself into a frenzy over spit bubbles and the accompanying noises her mouth makes creating them. She seemed particularly proud of this large accomplishment in the world of spit bubbles today.

03.22.10 BLOG


March 21, 2010 - A Beautiful Day

I love Sundays. No, I really, truly LOVE Sundays. They are the one day a week we get to be a family for an entire day, both mommy and daddy off of work with baby Georgia. I look forward to Sundays all week and no surprise, when they arrive into my life, they always leave it again too quickly.

Today our Sunday started with bath time. When it came time to dry off, Georgia was only interested in eating the towel.

03.21.10 BLOG

With a clean and now sleeping baby in tow, we headed off for lunch at a new restaurant we were anxious to try. Then with full bellies, we headed to the zoo to walk off that food and give Georgia a dose of sunshine. Even the sea lions were enjoying the sun...

03.21.10 BLOG3

... as was the swan that chased us and hissed at us during our last visit. Maybe the sun has a calming effect on us all.

03.21.10 BLOG4

Sadly though, our time in the sun was not as long as we wished it would be. You see, this mommy is still in training and forgot Georgia's jacket. Even though the sun was out, it was still a chilly 50 degrees. So daddy wrapped Georgia up inside his hoodie for a while, a hoodie she promptly put in her mouth (no surprise here).

03.21.10 BLOG2

We ended the day back home with one of Georgia's favorite pasttime -lying on the bed and looking up to watch the world go round.

03.21.10 BLOG5


March 20, 2010 - A Story to Tell

Georgia lives in a world of words. Letters, words, dialogue, stories, diction and alliteration all surround her. Georgia's daddy always has a book nearby, which translates into him always spinning a tale for his little girl. Right now it's "Alice in Wonderland."

03.20.10 BLOG

One day I'll tell Georgia the story of just how happy her arrival made her daddy and just how much he loves her. Although something tells me she'll already know the words to that last part by heart.


March 19, 2010 - Buddha Baby

03.19.10 blog

We all have been known to glance at an infant's round protrusion of a belly and use the description "Buddha." But tonight as I was trying out my new light scoop on my camera, I caught this picture of a protesting Georgia, and the overall roundness of her just makes every inch of me smile. She is growing as quick as bamboo, some very stout bamboo, and one day I'll look again and all of her adorable baby fat will be gone. But I'll always have pictures to remind me of the Buddha days.


March 18, 2010 - No Bunnies Yet, But Soon!

So it's not Easter yet, but we're anxiously awaiting that bunny to come hopping through our house. OK, I'm the one full of excitement and planning, obviously Georgia hasn't a clue. But I'm starting it all today by taking Georgia's Easter picture (the first of many more I'm sure) so I can make an Easter card to send to family and friends. If any of them are reading this blog, sorry, surprise ruined. Here's the card you'll be receiving:

easter (1 of 1)

I can't wait until I look around our home and spy chocolate eggs and basket grass and a kaleidoscope of dyes and pastel colors and wicker baskets! My mother always made Easter a very special time and I can't wait to make memories just as lovely with Georgia.


March 17, 2010 - My Little Leprechaun

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Here are some of my favorites from my little one who brings luck into my life every day. She is my pot of gold at the end of my rainbow of life. She is.... ok enough, here are the pictures.

03.17.10 BLOG2

03.17.10 BLOG7

03.17.10 BLOG5

03.17.10 BLOG6


March 16, 2010 - Why Common Sayings Are Common

It's because they're so true. My least favorite truthism these days - "the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose."

03.16.10 BLOG

I try not to worry too much about trivial things like my weight as long as I'm healthy, going more for the approach of "it's the brains and personality that make a woman who she is." But who am I kidding? The weight was cute when I was carrying around another human being in my belly, but now that she's on the outside, that extra weight is like an annoying relative that just stays way too long for a visit.

And I shouldn't worry too much. During my pregnancy I gained... *gulp*... I can't say it, but it was much more than I was supposed to on all those stupid "average" charts. And five months after Georgia's marvelous arrival, I'm down to the last 10 pounds. But darn it, no matter how much I convince them it's time to leave, they really like their new home on my hips, thighs, belly and bottom.


March 15, 2010 - Dress Day

I finally climbed down off of my "Snobby Queen" throne today and did something I've refused to do since I found out I was pregnant. I bought something second-hand for Georgia. I know, snobby of me - right? My husband and I walked into Once Upon a Child to take a look around... and we walked out with four new sundresses for our little one.

03.15.10 BLOG

Even now though, I must admit I would only buy Georgia dresses because I figured they were worn less than the onsies, pants or shirts. I must learn to slap that little snob off of my left shoulder and listen to little thrifty on my right.

We also made a stop at Marshall's where I found another cute dress... bringing the total to five. Then we got home and checked the mail, only to find a beautiful dress from Aunt Jodi (the cream colored one with the colorful flowers). Score!! Six new(or new to us) dresses in one day. I'm so excited to see her in them, all girlie and adorable. Warm weather hurry up and come to Nebraska!


March 14, 2010 - Braver by the Day

Not Georgia, but mommy and daddy. For the longest time, we wouldn't eat out with Georgia. Visions that played out like a bad movie scene filled my head - a inconsolable baby, people staring and pointing, dirty looks from the server, pity looks from the other moms, trying to nurse Georgia in a world not kind to nursing moms - so many reasons to cower and only make short (S-H-O-R-T) dashes out of the house where we could leave at the first lip quiver. Oh, but a restaurant, you're stuck there until the food and check come.

But slowly we're coming out of our parent shells. We started with Panera, you can sit or you can go, very little commitment. OK, then we did Panera again (hey, it turned out all right the first time, we were smitten). And yeah, we did Panera a third time. But we're getting a little more forward and bolder.

03.14.10 blog

We did Le Peep, a brunch place, twice. And the latest was today at Red Robin, a burger restaurant. Still playing it safe a little, since it's known as a family restaurant, but baby steps with our baby. I wonder if it's all driving daddy a little loco?

03.14.10 007


March 13, 2010 - A Trip Home for Dinner

First of all, Georgia is five months old today. I can't believe it has already been five months!! (I know, every parent says that)

Secondly, Georgia has not been herself these past few days and it all erupted tonight. The pressure has been building in the form of a stuffy nose, low grade fevers that are here one second and gone the next, issues with the stuff that fills her diaper and bottle troubles. It was those bottle issues that made the earth shake beneath mommy's and daddy's feet tonight.

I work Saturday afternoon and night, so it's strictly daddy/daughter time at home. But when I was done anchoring the 5 p.m. newscast, I found a message on my phone and an e-mail in my inbox - "Georgia has not eaten for six hours." She was refusing to take the bottle from daddy. So on my hour-long dinner break, off I went for a 20 minute commute home to feed my daughter.

03.13.10 edit

Thankfully, mommy's touch (and another part of mommy) calmed little Georgia's tirade over eating. She was soon gently purring with a full belly. We're still not sure what led to our little volcano baby, but I glad to say out little eater has returned along with daddy's sanity.


March 12, 2010 - Every Girl Needs a Pair

A good pair of jeans. What gal doesn't have her favorite pair that fit just right with a comfort that begs you to put them on? Well, now Georgia is part of the group.

03.12.10 020

She wore her first pair of jeans today. So deliciously adorable. And just like they should, they fit her just right. The magic of being a girl.


March 11, 2010 - All the Little Noises

My little Georgia's existence has heightened so many of my senses. First of all, there is my sense of beautiful. What, didn't know you had that sense? Yeah, neither did I until this beautiful, perfect being came screaming and smiling into my life and *poof* - everything is beautiful.

But there's another sense that's climbing the walls. I never realized things are so dang noisy! There's nothing like wrestling with that quivering lip, those crocodile tears, those bloodshot eyes and the pitiful whimpers and then finally having closed eyes, sleepy sighs and peace, oh that blessed peace. And as soon as those eyelids flutter shut, I hear every beep, every squeak, every creak and groan - all screaming at me from around the house.

I have now entered a life of watching TV but never hearing it. And who would have thought a refrigerator, and everything in it, could create such a cacophony of noise.

Picnik collage

There's the raking and tearing of dog nails on the linoleum. Ahhh... bad dog!

03.11.10 023

Not to mention the creaks and groans in the floor and the squeaks in the doors.

Picnik collage2

Why, oh why does my house not enjoy the tranquility of my daughter's sleep?


March 10, 2010 - Little Booties

One day I will look back at so many things from these days and crave them like my lungs crave oxygen, like my tongue craves chocolate and like my bare feet crave the feel of sand on the beach. And in those cravings will be knits and buttons and bows and footed pjs and the smell of Dreft. I find baby clothes absolutely delicious and I love dressing Georgia in her different outfits each day. When else in life can you wear stripes and polka dots and socks that look like sneakers and look head-to-toe adorable?

03.10.10 037

Years from now I'll pull those faded, stained and well-worn wonders out of their dust-covered boxes and for a moment, I'll be right here again. I'll remember how tiny Georgia is right now, and I'll swear I smell Dreft in the air.


March 9, 2010 - If Only...

If only I had a cushy swing big enough to rock me to and fro. If only I had the time to lay in said swing whenever I wanted as lights and butterflies danced above my head. If only Georgia knew now the "if onlys" she'll be saying one day.

03.09.10 BLOG

Georgia wanted no part of a relaxing swing today, nor did she want any part of dozing off into a peaceful slumber in said swing. Georgia wanted no part in giving her mommy time to get dressed and ready for work. Oh dear little one, the day will come when you won't fear for missing any little thing that's going on around you and you'll happily doze off if you could only find the time. I wish I could teach you to take your time and not fight to grow up so quickly and to just swing through life at a lulling pace.


March 8, 2010 - Singing Smiles onto Faces

03.08.10 BLOG

I haven't figured out exactly what the songs are yet, but whatever she's singing, Georgia's melodies make my heart smile every single time. She loves to sing and she does it as loudly as her little lungs will let her. A patchwork of sounds she belts out with the freedom only a child can possess, always confident that what she's singing is beautiful. And it is, there is no sound I've heard in existence more pure and good and beautiful.


March 7, 2010 - Peace, Love and Happiness

03.07.10 BLOG

My tied-dyed little peace child. Peace, love and happiness is a motto sung through the decades to describe so many times, so many movements, so many feelings. And thinking of it tonight as I stare at my brightly-hued little one, it's a motto to describe this moment in time, this exact breath in my life. Georgia fills my life with peace, love and happiness - every day, every minute, every second. I am better because she is alive.


March 6, 2010 - Standing on Top of the World

03.06.10 BLOG

Georgia always seems to be standing these days, with balance found through parental arms of course. She forgot she's supposed to be working on rolling over right now. Yeah, scratch that, she'd rather stand. So she stands on the couch, on tables, on our bed, on the Boppy, on mommy or daddy's stomach - anywhere she can straighten those chubby baby legs.

03.06.10 BLOG2

Her little legs will wobble and then stiffen into roly-poly posts. Then her little feet will start to slide away from each other like two magnets repelling the other. She hasn't quite figured out how to get them back together again. Too cute.


March 5, 2010 - Not a Picturesque Day

03.05.10 BLOG2

Georgia's stuffed, gray elephant with a melancholy look upon its face pretty much sums up my mood today, so forgive me if it was all I could muster to photograph before I plaster that "I'm so happy" look upon my face and go on auto-pilot as I head into work this afternoon. This is not a good "mom day" for me, a phrase not at all about me and my daughter but all about the story of another mother/daughter relationship. It's a good read - full of so much happiness, laughter, triumph, pride and love, oh the love that is filled well beyond the brim. Only problem is, the story ends tragically, unfairly and way too soon and it's the ending I keep reading over and over and over again. I read the ending again today, in fact it was in my dreams this morning as I struggled to wake from my grogginess.

I miss my mom every day and I wish our story was still be written full of laughter and those happy tears we cried so many times. I still look for her every day - in the mirror as I stare back at myself, over my shoulder, in the dark of the night, in my daughter's eyes. I keep looking, hoping... but I haven't heard the brush of angel's wings yet. Our story ended two short days before the beautiful birth of my daughter and the start of another happy book. That's a book I must now get back to filling with our own new, sunshine and cotton candy tales.


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