February 27, 2010 - Her Many Sides

Georgia's new hat came in the mail the other day. OK, two new hats (but her daddy only knows about one of them). I anxiously tore open the box and couldn't wait to see how precious my daughter made the hats look. Well here's the answer and looking through my camera lens, I saw so many different sides of Georgia in a few short minutes that I had to post a few of them here. Maybe it's the mom in me starting to know my little one as well as I know the ins and outs of myself, but it's like I know what she's thinking and feeling. My husband would tell me I can't read minds, but it's not that I'm reading Georgia's, I just know her like an old, familiar soul. Maybe it's because our souls are connected and always will be. My beautiful girl.

02.27.10 BLOG3

Playful Georgia who loves to stick her tongue out and try to make a blowing sound.

02.27.10 BLOG4

Wistful Georgia who is so deep in thought sometimes as she tries to figure out this crazy world surrounding her.

02.27.10 BLOG1

This is the Georgia who could care less what the hat looks like on her head or how cute she makes it look, she just wants her mom to stop with the pictures already!

02.27.10 BLOG2

The interest just luminates from her eyes here. She has spotted something she likes and wants to discover.

02.27.10 BLOG5

And this picture has to be one of my favorite of Georgia so far. It just seems to say it all to me - I am Georgia.

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