March 1, 2010 - Even Toys Get a Bath

03.01.10 BLOG

This job is actually a few weeks overdue as Georgia has been grabbing at everything within reach for more than a month now. But constantly feeling like a falling domino around here - falling from diaper changes to feedings to bottle cleanings to cooking to cleaning to bath times to laundry to... well you understand - I won't criticize myself too much for not doing this sooner. I finally pulled out all of the toys we bought, or were given, for Georgia and I washed/sanitized all of them. Now she has some toys to play with and put straight into her mouth. While I was digging the toys out of the toy basket, I came across the red crab and it took me right back to a woman with a slightly bulging belly that only I probably noticed, that often commented-on glow of the face and dreams just starting to form for the future of my little baby. The crab was the first toy I ever bought for Georgia after finding out I was pregnant, I was probably about 12-14 weeks along. I saw it and it made me smile, then it was promptly tossed into a sink of warm, soapy water. Daydream over, back to being a domino.

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