March 9, 2010 - If Only...

If only I had a cushy swing big enough to rock me to and fro. If only I had the time to lay in said swing whenever I wanted as lights and butterflies danced above my head. If only Georgia knew now the "if onlys" she'll be saying one day.

03.09.10 BLOG

Georgia wanted no part of a relaxing swing today, nor did she want any part of dozing off into a peaceful slumber in said swing. Georgia wanted no part in giving her mommy time to get dressed and ready for work. Oh dear little one, the day will come when you won't fear for missing any little thing that's going on around you and you'll happily doze off if you could only find the time. I wish I could teach you to take your time and not fight to grow up so quickly and to just swing through life at a lulling pace.

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