March 27, 2010 - I Can't Believe I Missed It!

So after taking the pictures for yesterday's blog entry and pondering whether Georgia was contemplating her future as a rolling baby, I went off to work. At 5:43 p.m., I receive a text from my husband. "She did it." Georgia rolled over last night while I was at work. As happy as I was that our little girl took her next big leap, or roll, toward being a big girl, I must admit my heart cracked a little knowing that I was not there to share it with her. I've always known this was part of the deal of being a working mom, and it's always clung to the back of my mind. Not if, but what will I miss - the first attempt at a crawl, the first word, the first step - I'm sure this roll will not be the last time my heart cracks a little as my face beams with pride on the other end of a phone. But forget all that... MY LITTLE GIRL DID IT!!!!

So today, I was hoping for a special re-enactment just for mommy. I even had the camera ready. And oh, did my little girl try. She rocked to and fro, she kicked those legs high, she pursed her entire face with concentration until it was shining with red, and... well, here are the pictures.

03.27.10 BLOG1

03.27.10 BLOG2

03.27.10 BLOG3

03.27.10 BLOG4

Oh, defeat is so humiliating!

03.27.10 BLOG5

But my little ham quickly returned to her normal, hammy self.

03.27.10 BLOG6

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