March 11, 2010 - All the Little Noises

My little Georgia's existence has heightened so many of my senses. First of all, there is my sense of beautiful. What, didn't know you had that sense? Yeah, neither did I until this beautiful, perfect being came screaming and smiling into my life and *poof* - everything is beautiful.

But there's another sense that's climbing the walls. I never realized things are so dang noisy! There's nothing like wrestling with that quivering lip, those crocodile tears, those bloodshot eyes and the pitiful whimpers and then finally having closed eyes, sleepy sighs and peace, oh that blessed peace. And as soon as those eyelids flutter shut, I hear every beep, every squeak, every creak and groan - all screaming at me from around the house.

I have now entered a life of watching TV but never hearing it. And who would have thought a refrigerator, and everything in it, could create such a cacophony of noise.

Picnik collage

There's the raking and tearing of dog nails on the linoleum. Ahhh... bad dog!

03.11.10 023

Not to mention the creaks and groans in the floor and the squeaks in the doors.

Picnik collage2

Why, oh why does my house not enjoy the tranquility of my daughter's sleep?

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