March 10, 2010 - Little Booties

One day I will look back at so many things from these days and crave them like my lungs crave oxygen, like my tongue craves chocolate and like my bare feet crave the feel of sand on the beach. And in those cravings will be knits and buttons and bows and footed pjs and the smell of Dreft. I find baby clothes absolutely delicious and I love dressing Georgia in her different outfits each day. When else in life can you wear stripes and polka dots and socks that look like sneakers and look head-to-toe adorable?

03.10.10 037

Years from now I'll pull those faded, stained and well-worn wonders out of their dust-covered boxes and for a moment, I'll be right here again. I'll remember how tiny Georgia is right now, and I'll swear I smell Dreft in the air.

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