March 15, 2010 - Dress Day

I finally climbed down off of my "Snobby Queen" throne today and did something I've refused to do since I found out I was pregnant. I bought something second-hand for Georgia. I know, snobby of me - right? My husband and I walked into Once Upon a Child to take a look around... and we walked out with four new sundresses for our little one.

03.15.10 BLOG

Even now though, I must admit I would only buy Georgia dresses because I figured they were worn less than the onsies, pants or shirts. I must learn to slap that little snob off of my left shoulder and listen to little thrifty on my right.

We also made a stop at Marshall's where I found another cute dress... bringing the total to five. Then we got home and checked the mail, only to find a beautiful dress from Aunt Jodi (the cream colored one with the colorful flowers). Score!! Six new(or new to us) dresses in one day. I'm so excited to see her in them, all girlie and adorable. Warm weather hurry up and come to Nebraska!

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