March 14, 2010 - Braver by the Day

Not Georgia, but mommy and daddy. For the longest time, we wouldn't eat out with Georgia. Visions that played out like a bad movie scene filled my head - a inconsolable baby, people staring and pointing, dirty looks from the server, pity looks from the other moms, trying to nurse Georgia in a world not kind to nursing moms - so many reasons to cower and only make short (S-H-O-R-T) dashes out of the house where we could leave at the first lip quiver. Oh, but a restaurant, you're stuck there until the food and check come.

But slowly we're coming out of our parent shells. We started with Panera, you can sit or you can go, very little commitment. OK, then we did Panera again (hey, it turned out all right the first time, we were smitten). And yeah, we did Panera a third time. But we're getting a little more forward and bolder.

03.14.10 blog

We did Le Peep, a brunch place, twice. And the latest was today at Red Robin, a burger restaurant. Still playing it safe a little, since it's known as a family restaurant, but baby steps with our baby. I wonder if it's all driving daddy a little loco?

03.14.10 007

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