March 16, 2010 - Why Common Sayings Are Common

It's because they're so true. My least favorite truthism these days - "the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose."

03.16.10 BLOG

I try not to worry too much about trivial things like my weight as long as I'm healthy, going more for the approach of "it's the brains and personality that make a woman who she is." But who am I kidding? The weight was cute when I was carrying around another human being in my belly, but now that she's on the outside, that extra weight is like an annoying relative that just stays way too long for a visit.

And I shouldn't worry too much. During my pregnancy I gained... *gulp*... I can't say it, but it was much more than I was supposed to on all those stupid "average" charts. And five months after Georgia's marvelous arrival, I'm down to the last 10 pounds. But darn it, no matter how much I convince them it's time to leave, they really like their new home on my hips, thighs, belly and bottom.

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