March 21, 2010 - A Beautiful Day

I love Sundays. No, I really, truly LOVE Sundays. They are the one day a week we get to be a family for an entire day, both mommy and daddy off of work with baby Georgia. I look forward to Sundays all week and no surprise, when they arrive into my life, they always leave it again too quickly.

Today our Sunday started with bath time. When it came time to dry off, Georgia was only interested in eating the towel.

03.21.10 BLOG

With a clean and now sleeping baby in tow, we headed off for lunch at a new restaurant we were anxious to try. Then with full bellies, we headed to the zoo to walk off that food and give Georgia a dose of sunshine. Even the sea lions were enjoying the sun...

03.21.10 BLOG3

... as was the swan that chased us and hissed at us during our last visit. Maybe the sun has a calming effect on us all.

03.21.10 BLOG4

Sadly though, our time in the sun was not as long as we wished it would be. You see, this mommy is still in training and forgot Georgia's jacket. Even though the sun was out, it was still a chilly 50 degrees. So daddy wrapped Georgia up inside his hoodie for a while, a hoodie she promptly put in her mouth (no surprise here).

03.21.10 BLOG2

We ended the day back home with one of Georgia's favorite pasttime -lying on the bed and looking up to watch the world go round.

03.21.10 BLOG5

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