March 13, 2010 - A Trip Home for Dinner

First of all, Georgia is five months old today. I can't believe it has already been five months!! (I know, every parent says that)

Secondly, Georgia has not been herself these past few days and it all erupted tonight. The pressure has been building in the form of a stuffy nose, low grade fevers that are here one second and gone the next, issues with the stuff that fills her diaper and bottle troubles. It was those bottle issues that made the earth shake beneath mommy's and daddy's feet tonight.

I work Saturday afternoon and night, so it's strictly daddy/daughter time at home. But when I was done anchoring the 5 p.m. newscast, I found a message on my phone and an e-mail in my inbox - "Georgia has not eaten for six hours." She was refusing to take the bottle from daddy. So on my hour-long dinner break, off I went for a 20 minute commute home to feed my daughter.

03.13.10 edit

Thankfully, mommy's touch (and another part of mommy) calmed little Georgia's tirade over eating. She was soon gently purring with a full belly. We're still not sure what led to our little volcano baby, but I glad to say out little eater has returned along with daddy's sanity.

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