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The photo theme at I Heart Faces this week brought to mind one of my favorite all-time pictures of my daughter Georgia. She just adores our two dogs, and I was able to capture this moment between her and our Boxer, Bacchus. He is an old man - 11 - but he never minds when Georgia tugs on his face or ears, bats at him or does really anything to him. He just returns that faithful love dogs are so well-known for.

To me, this picture is love.

10.26.10 004

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Happy Easter!!!

Boing, boing, boing! That's the sound bunnies make in our house, and boy did the Easter bunny leave a lot behind as he/she boinged, boinged, boinged right through our home. But let's not put the bunny before the egg. Before the Easter bunny comes the egg dying, and this was Georgia's first time.

04.23.11 086

To say she had fun would be a great understatement. My baby truly dug the egg coloring thing!

04.23.11 011

04.23.11 036

egg coloring collage 1

egg coloring collage 2

egg coloring collage 3

Um, that last picture is what happens when you have way too much fun coloring eggs and accidentally (totally on purpose) squish one between your fingers. I would not recommend it.

In the end though, she did a great job!

04.23.11 137

Now back to that bunny. In our house, you have to work for your Easter basket. There are clues to follow and be found, and it all starts with the first clue sitting on the dining room table.

04.24.11 010

04.24.11 012

The egg hunt is a tradition my mom (and the Easter bunny of course) started for me and my siblings, and it will always remain in my house. I can still remember hunting for those clues tucked inside plastic eggs as a child.

04.24.11 089

Now it's Georgia's turn.

04.24.11 026

At the end of the hunt, Georgia's Easter basket!!

egg hunt collage 1

Oh yeah, and a new slide.

egg hunt collage 2

Georgia's grandmother (my husband's mom) also sent some goodies this way. Georgia is rockin' the new shades!

egg hunt collage 3

04.24.11 080

Her papa (my dad) also sent her a box of goodies as did her Uncle James. The little one cleaned up this Easter, my goodness! And it was a very happy day for her and all of us. I hope your day was just as fabulous.

Now boing, boing, boing on out of here!


Just a Lazy Evening Outside

Before winter decided to show its frozen, windy, 30-something degree head again, we spent Sunday evening outside getting the flower beds ready for the warmer weather I know is coming. Trust me, there are rain dances, I'm out doing the freaking Spring dance and I don't care what kind of crazy get-up I have to wear to make it happen. So flowers - get ready to bloom!

My most perfect flower though is blooming already. Isn't she beautiful?

04.09.11 018-2

She would rather take the dirt out of the flower bed and examine it (and taste it too), than leave it in there for the flowers. But hey, dirt for plants to grow in is over-rated, right?

04.09.11 010

04.09.11 012

It doesn't hurt that Georgia and I have quite the guy to serenade us while we work!

04.09.11 008

We are two lucky ladies. Now if only he can do something about the weather...


18 Months and Growing So Fast!

We hit another milestone in our house yesterday - Georgia turned 1 1/2 years old!! I keep waiting for life to just slow down and take it easy, but I might as well wish for my own pet unicorn, right? I always did want a unicorn though. That would be pretty cool you have to admit!

Since 18 months is a more significant age than 15 months or 17 months (there's just something about 1/2 years), I went to the store with Georgia yesterday and bought her a cupcake, a cake and a balloon. When the lady at the cash register asked if someone was having a party and I explained the reason for our celebration, she responded, "well... she's a very... loved little girl, isn't she?" I think she meant spoiled, I was getting the "your kid is spoiled" vibes, but she was nice enough to interject the word "loved" instead. Ha!

So here's my know 1 1/2 year old lovely enjoying her cupcake.

04.13.11 013

cupcake collage2

Look at how seriously she takes her cupcake eating:

04.13.11 008

Um, until the sugar rush gets to her head:

04.13.11 038

cupcake collage

Happy 1 1/2 my love!


Spring Makes Its Return

This weekend, we got outside as much as possible. With temperatures in the high 60's, it appears spring has decided not to leave us after all. Yeah!

In the backyard on Friday afternoon, Georgia found the only standing water in the whole place and was sucked right in. Why is it kids just seem magnetized by water!

04.01.11 012

Not to mention, it was gross water sitting in the Christmas tree stand that never made it back to the garage after Christmas. Did I mention our Christmas tree is still in the backyard too? Yeah, sad, I know.

But what could get a kid away from gross, yucky water? Teasing the dog with his tennis ball that he is obsessively attached to.

04.01.11 033-2

After the ball thing, I think Bailey might have been laughing when Georgia did a face plant in the grass!

04.01.11 026

More from the backyard:

04.01.11 024-2

04.01.11 021

On Saturday, even better weather. Look, no jackets when we headed to the park!!!

04.02.11 044-3

04.02.11 033

Another face plant! Is daddy laughing... I think he is.

04.02.11 032

04.02.11 058-2

Sunday - more nice weather and another park. This one came with geese.

04.03.11 001

We had to feed them of course!

04.03.11 013

Georgia wouldn't share all her bread though.

04.03.11 005

04.03.11 007

04.03.11 025


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