18 Months and Growing So Fast!

We hit another milestone in our house yesterday - Georgia turned 1 1/2 years old!! I keep waiting for life to just slow down and take it easy, but I might as well wish for my own pet unicorn, right? I always did want a unicorn though. That would be pretty cool you have to admit!

Since 18 months is a more significant age than 15 months or 17 months (there's just something about 1/2 years), I went to the store with Georgia yesterday and bought her a cupcake, a cake and a balloon. When the lady at the cash register asked if someone was having a party and I explained the reason for our celebration, she responded, "well... she's a very... loved little girl, isn't she?" I think she meant spoiled, I was getting the "your kid is spoiled" vibes, but she was nice enough to interject the word "loved" instead. Ha!

So here's my know 1 1/2 year old lovely enjoying her cupcake.

04.13.11 013

cupcake collage2

Look at how seriously she takes her cupcake eating:

04.13.11 008

Um, until the sugar rush gets to her head:

04.13.11 038

cupcake collage

Happy 1 1/2 my love!

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