Just a Lazy Evening Outside

Before winter decided to show its frozen, windy, 30-something degree head again, we spent Sunday evening outside getting the flower beds ready for the warmer weather I know is coming. Trust me, there are rain dances, I'm out doing the freaking Spring dance and I don't care what kind of crazy get-up I have to wear to make it happen. So flowers - get ready to bloom!

My most perfect flower though is blooming already. Isn't she beautiful?

04.09.11 018-2

She would rather take the dirt out of the flower bed and examine it (and taste it too), than leave it in there for the flowers. But hey, dirt for plants to grow in is over-rated, right?

04.09.11 010

04.09.11 012

It doesn't hurt that Georgia and I have quite the guy to serenade us while we work!

04.09.11 008

We are two lucky ladies. Now if only he can do something about the weather...

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