Spring Makes Its Return

This weekend, we got outside as much as possible. With temperatures in the high 60's, it appears spring has decided not to leave us after all. Yeah!

In the backyard on Friday afternoon, Georgia found the only standing water in the whole place and was sucked right in. Why is it kids just seem magnetized by water!

04.01.11 012

Not to mention, it was gross water sitting in the Christmas tree stand that never made it back to the garage after Christmas. Did I mention our Christmas tree is still in the backyard too? Yeah, sad, I know.

But what could get a kid away from gross, yucky water? Teasing the dog with his tennis ball that he is obsessively attached to.

04.01.11 033-2

After the ball thing, I think Bailey might have been laughing when Georgia did a face plant in the grass!

04.01.11 026

More from the backyard:

04.01.11 024-2

04.01.11 021

On Saturday, even better weather. Look, no jackets when we headed to the park!!!

04.02.11 044-3

04.02.11 033

Another face plant! Is daddy laughing... I think he is.

04.02.11 032

04.02.11 058-2

Sunday - more nice weather and another park. This one came with geese.

04.03.11 001

We had to feed them of course!

04.03.11 013

Georgia wouldn't share all her bread though.

04.03.11 005

04.03.11 007

04.03.11 025

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