Wishy-Washy Weather!

It seems like just the other day I was writing a post about the beautiful, warm weather here in Nebraska, and how Georgia and I were able to get outside and soak every last ounce of it up. Wait... that was the other day! But a few days later, you'd never know it.

snow collage

SNOW... and quite a bit of it for late March. Somewhere around five inches fell overnight. So much for those thoughts about pulling out the shorts and T-shirts. Instead, Georgia and I stayed inside today, bundled up in our jammies.

Since we didn't go out in the snow, we brought the snow inside to us.

snow indoors collage

It doesn't take a refresher of that middle school science class to know in the warmth, snow will turn to water. Georgia liked that science lesson... a lot.

03.25.11 050-2

03.25.11 009-2

My kitchen floor - not so much.

03.25.11 039-2
Notice the water is NOT going back into the tub.

03.25.11 054-2

I would say let's hope it starts getting warmer quickly, but as I write this, the flakes are falling outside my window... again! So much for spring weather in Spring.

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