Another Change.

I can't believe it was almost 14 months ago that I was here, crying every day and dreading dropping my little baby girl off at daycare. Today those tears unexpectedly returned for a much different reason. It was Georgia's last day at daycare.

Now that I am not currently working, Georgia has no need for daycare and honestly we need to save that money. So this morning I packed Georgia's lunch box as I do every morning, put on her jacket and boots, strapped her into her carseat and we were off. But we made a stop along the route to daycare... we just had to pick up some cookies and goodies for the ladies who have taken such good care of my little lovely.

One of those ladies in particular played a much more important role then she will probably ever know, although more for me than Georgia. When Georgia first started at this daycare, I had just lost my mother to cancer three months earlier. I soon found myself telling this lady, a grandmother herself, all the things about Georgia I would have been telling my mom if she were here. The new thing Georgia did that day or the funny little quirk she had that morning or the attitude and personality she was starting to show. It wasn't the same, but it helped. It helped. I will miss her. I wonder if Georgia will too. At her age, will she realize these ladies who she has grown close to have just disappeared from her life? I'm sure she will.

So good-bye Miss Carol, Miss Dawn and Miss Kristen - you will be missed.

Of course, what's a post without some pictures. Georgia's inner girl is coming out, she's making jewelry from her toys. Today her stacking rings became bracelets.

02.21.11 006

02.21.11 017

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