We're Breaking Out!!! Ah, Escape.

I'm tired of playing room shuffle. You know, when you've been trapped inside your home for so long that you just have to move from room to room to keep from losing your mind. And let's not even go into how quickly a toddler can get bored of a room. She makes me think we need a bigger house just so we have more rooms for her to explore in the winter time. As we're nearing the end of winter, with each passing day these rooms, this house, seem smaller and smaller. Yes, I need (we need) to get OUTSIDE!

So thank you God, Mother Nature and whomever else might control our weather. We finally had a beautiful day where we could escape into that bright beyond where our eyes were blinded by this massive burning object in the sky. Its name will surely come back to me at some point. We put on our walking shoes and scurried to the park across the street. Yeah!!

02.14.11 010-2

02.14.11 007

And oh my gosh did it feel good, even if we still had to bundle up a little and dodge snow-melt puddles the entire way. I'll dodge any size puddle if it means the snow is melting.

OK, dodge might be a slight understatement in some cases:

02.14.11 067

But I don't care, ding-dong the snow is gone... OK, I don't know where I'm going with that except I'm equating the snow to a witch right now. Truly though, I really do like the snow... in December. By March, eh, I'm over it.

And so is my little one. Look at how happy she is when she's outside.

02.14.11 055

02.14.11 058-2

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”
-Anne Bradstreet

I guess winter is good for something. Ah Spring... bring it on!

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