Monkey See, Monkey... You Know!

Just when I thought Georgia seemed to be mimicking (or trying to) everything I did, she put that sucker on warp speed and somehow started copying everything even more. Holy crap! I brush my teeth, she wants to brush her teeth. I brush my hair, she brushes her hair. I eat my cereal, she wants to eat my cereal. I use the TV remote, she uses the TV remote (successfully, I might add!!). I type on my laptop, she types on my laptop and deletes or somehow messes up everything I had open. Sometimes she even changes things that I have no idea how to change back, gosh darn! I load the dish washer, she tries to load dishes (this one will come in handy one day). I blow my nose, she blows her nose. We'll end with the bodily function examples there. :) The list is never-ending, let me tell you, and something tells me it will get longer and longer. I'm already telling myself I really need to watch that language in the car, or before long I'll hear the parrot in the back seat, "get out of the f****** fast lane you slow a** son of a b****!!" Oh Lord no!

Today, in addition to all the scrutiny I receive from that tiny pair of eyes, the dogs fell into her cross hairs as well. I let them back into the house from the backyard, and they quickly stopped to lick up some Cheerios Georgia had dropped on the floor. I shooed them away and turned around to find this:

So the dogs lick things up off the floor, Georgia has to lick things up off the floor. Yeah! Thank goodness I don't have to worry about the dog's language as well. I just hope I don't find Georgia trying to lift her leg on a tree one day.

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